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Topic: Merry Melodies

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    Merry Melodies

    I don't claim to have picked out the parts for this, most of that came from some generic midi file I found on the web. If I knew the person's name who created it I would certainly credit them. I added some parts that were missing.

    This was really a test for me on arranging and mastering more than anything else. (I purposely compressed it and added noise. Probably too much.)

    Anyhow, hope you enjoy, maybe it'll bring back some memories.

    Merry Melodies

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    Thufferin' thuccotath!

    Very cute.
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    thanks for the smile and the memories.

    Nicely Done

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    Thanks, guys. I do a lot of serious music on my own with GPO but this was such a kick I just had to share it with someone.

    Just another example of how wonderful this software is.

    (And seeing your avatar Jerry W. wants to make me find some Scott Bradley scores, too.)

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    Delightful! I think I need to put on Cartoon Network now .

    Ah, this brought back memories. Thank you!

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    I saw on TV that Warner Brothers is going to "modernize" Looney Tunes by changing all of the characters and renaming them. They claim that all of these characters that we love were created in days gone by for another generation and that today's kids can't identify with them.

    For instance, Bugs Bunny will hereafter be known as "Buzz" Bunny and will look like some evil character from one of the "Ring" movies. Does anyone remember the "New Coke" fiasco of a few years ago and do you recall the total rejection by the public? If it ain't broke...

    Ah...progress. (?)


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    That's very sad, Larry and in my house, at least, it's not true. I was actually sitting down watching Looney Tunes with my four-year-old who loves them when I decided to do this.

    I think there's something enriching about knowing what came from generations before us. For instance when I was looking for this song, I found out comedian Eddie Cantor was one of the songwriters on it and I thought, "Wow, Eddie Cantor. I gotta tell my mom."


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    Re: Merry Melodies

    This is wrong on so many levels. If I was a betting man, I'd lay odds that this dosen't make it and the real Bugs will make a triumphant return.



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    Re: Merry Melodies

    Leopold Brian,

    "What's up doc?"

    I enjoyed your Looney Tunes mock-up very much. Excellent job on recapturing this classic. Brought back some great memories.

    I also heard about the Bugs Bunny make over to make him more "hip". They should know better than to mess with everyone's favorite wabbit. What are they thinking?

    Keep up the great work Brian! And thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

    Interesting story of Bugs Bunny as the Long-Haired Hare and the Hollywood Bowl.

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    Re: Merry Melodies

    Thanks, Gary. That's hilarious.

    The real thanks, however, should go to you and your development team for creating this software. It's really revolutionary.

    Oh well, back to the serious music...


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