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Topic: PRS or MCPS?

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    PRS or MCPS?

    Hi all, I've just landed some paid work on a documentary which is to be aired on New Zealand television (and possible British). Should I join up with the PRS or the MCPS, or any other for that matter, to claim royalties in the future?
    Thanks, Doug.

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    Re: PRS or MCPS?

    PRS first. Ring them immediately and register. Ask them a bunch of questions - they're there to help. They'll supply all the forms for you to list the specific cues you composed for the programme. Obviously, you won't be able to list the cues until you know exactly how much music will actually accompany the broadcast show... like down to the last second.

    But ring PRS and ask 'em about everything.

    Good luck and congratulations

    EDIT: You'll be able to get a full and detailed tally of the music used in the show from the editor or producer in the form of music 'cue sheets'. Don't forget to get a copy from them once the show's in the bag.

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    Smile Re: PRS or MCPS?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!

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