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Topic: Best weighted keyboard

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    Best weighted keyboard

    I need a new one NOW. Preferrably one that will work reasonably well with the Bos pmi. I'm not even going to tell you what I'm using now. I don't want to embarass myself. Used is fine, BTW.


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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    I suspect you're going to be unhappy with anything that doesn't have real/fake hammer action, John. The Fatars, which are okay for almost-keyboard players like me (I use a Kurzweil K2500), aren't going to do it.

    Peavey, Roland, and Yamaha are the most likely suspects. The guys at VSL recommended a German one that I can't remember. There's also this one, which looks intriguing but nobody seems to know anything about: http://www.cme-pro.com/product.html.

    My favorite is still the Kurzweil K250 from 1984, but the action is lighter than a real piano and they're just not reliable anymore. And I have two broken ones in my garage to prove it.

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    I'm using a Roland S-88 and it's the BEST weighted keyboard I have ever used....Ever...It'd be pretty pricey even used if your only using it for a controller though...

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    I'm thinking Roland already. I'm down to L & M tomorrow to check them out. My piano (real) is a rather old Kawai Model 500, a beautiful piano when it's in tune and properly regulated, which isn't that often. The action is on the heavy side, which I've become accustomed to, but which I don't actually like that much!


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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    Yes, look for the weighted top models from Roland or Yamaha or the Kawai MP 9000 piano.

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    The version out now is the Roland Fantom X8...It has twice the polyphony color screen,etc....If you can live with 64 voice polyphony and not a color lcd screen....You can pick up a used Fantom S-88 much cheaper and I'm pretty sure it uses the same hammer action keybed as the new one...64 voice polyphony isn't a big deal if your using it along with a vst pc

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    I love the Kurzweil K2500 (or K2000 or K2600) -- the 76 key model has enough notes for most playing and is a little smaller and lighter than the 88 key. They are available here and there used. Except that it doesn't have real ivory, to me it compares really pretty well to my real piano, a middle aged Steinway model M.

    And you also get a variety of fairly good synth sounds and effects.

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    I forgot to add the you can adjust the action to your playing style-light,medium,heavy via the menu button...

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    Gugliel, the 76-key Kurzweil has a semi-weighted action and only 76 keys. It's not going to work for John, who's a pianist.

    I have the 88-key one, the K2500S I believe, and I think it's decent but I don't love it. My guess is that John would love it even less, because he's looking for something that feels like a real piano.

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    Re: Best weighted keyboard

    It is worth looking at the Kawai ES3 (in Silver or Black)

    It is full 88 keys, excellent weighted action, touch adjustable, and easy to move about. If you want to play it by itself, it has speakers, plus a pretty good stereo grand piano, plus other sounds, etc.

    It has midi out-in, external speaker outs, headphone out, etc. It does not have a mod wheel or pitch wheel or other midi controllers. It has 64 voice polyphony.

    I have the similar, but slightly not as good action and only 32 polyphony, Kawai ES1 and the keyboard was loved by a current Russian concert pianist with one of the famous orchestras, an Italian classical recording pianist, and an American professional live and recording pianist. As I said, all found it easy to play and loved it.

    The Kawai MP9500 has "authentic" action, with wood keys, actual hammers, etc. However, it is very heavy, though plays like a real piano.

    If you are looking for midi controllers and not just a piano and 88-key keyboard, these aren't the right ones.

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