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Topic: RMX 1.2 took 2nd Authorization

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    RMX 1.2 took 2nd Authorization

    I recently installed and authorized Stylus RMX.

    I then noticed there was a 1.2 update and downloaded/installed it. It would not take the original authorization response so in desperation I went to the Spectrasonics website and re-entered the challenge code and received a new response and it worked.

    But apparently I have installed it on two different machines according to their records, which I have not, and I DO want it on my laptop to play with when I travel or visit with clients.

    Is this still possible? Did I do something wrong?

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    Re: RMX 1.2 took 2nd Authorization

    Sure...no problem. The site just keeps track of how many authorizations you've done.

    No worries. :-)


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