Rick Schneblin has written an excellent tutorial for those who use Garritan Personal Orchestra within Apple's latest GarageBand 2.

Here is the link to Rick's Tutorial:


GarageBand 2 is a major upgrade to the music creation process and GPO integration on the Macintosh. With the release of GarageBand 2, the rules have changed—and for the better. The process is now easier to access GPO, no longer requiring the moving of files to the Application Support Library folders. A fantastic feature in GarageBand 2 is the ability to drag and drop Quicktime MIDI files right onto the sequence window. GarageBand will then create the appropriate channels and sequences. All that is needed is to choose the GPO instrument for each track and you are ready to play the orchestration.

The first GPO GarageBand Tutorial by B.J. Morgan provides an informative guide, but now with Garage Band 2, Rick has shown us how to take advantage of Garage Band 2's new features.

As Rick writes: "I hope this tutorial will help you enjoy GPO in the powerful new GarageBand 2 application."

Thanks Rick for taking the time and trouble to write this invaluable tutorial.

Gary Garritan