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Topic: How Many Hard Drives do you have?

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    How Many Hard Drives do you have?

    Lets say, for example,

    You have EWQLSO, Giga Files, VSL, Atmosphere, Trilogy, Reason, BFD, Guitar Rig, Waves Bundle (I installed mine on the "C" drive), Groove Agent, Stylus 2, and so on.

    How many hard drives do you have and speed? ATA 133? Serial 150, 300?

    Are the MASTER (C) slave (samples), are samples on Master Drives? Do you use a PCI card for HD? External Firewire Drives?

    Just curious.

    C OS and Programs
    D: Giga/EWQL
    E BFD, Stromdrum, etc
    F: Audio

    I also have 1394b FW but no FIREWIRE drives to date.

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    Re: How Many Hard Drives do you have?

    I used to have two HD's mirrored (raid-something) because my last computer gave a flash, and burned at least four of my computer's components (videocard, memory, soundcard and - my drive) and i lost all my data.

    So i had two 7200 ata drives which would mirror each other, until of course i ran out of space. So now they're just normal ones. In addition to that i bought another 200 gb drive 7200 ata (my comp. doesn't have sata yet )

    I partitioned them, and i now have (though not all individual harddrives):
    - system
    - applications
    - projects
    - samples (and sound effects)
    - more samples

    Don't know the exact sizes because i'm not at that computer now


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    Re: How Many Hard Drives do you have?

    I'm splitting duties between 2 PC's, so:

    PC #1 (both 7200rpm/8MB cache IDE - 1 40GB 2 partition, 1 120GB)
    C: OS and programs, plus plugins that run in RAM (GPO, Trilogy, etc.)
    D: (partition) Reason and reason samples/refills/loops
    E: Audio

    PC #2 (both drives SATA - 1 80 GB, 1 250MB )
    C: OS and programs
    D: Kontakt, EWQL, Stormdrum, Charlie, etc.

    drives share an external firewire 120GB backup drive.

    So 6 hard drives alltogether!
    Careful, man, there's a beverage here!

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