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Topic: GPO CubaseSx Performance Benchmark

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    CubaseSx Performance Test

    hi all,

    Since we all have to regularly upgrade our DAW, and we always have to face one day, our DAW performance limits, I was wondering, if we can a have a cubase test song :
    - a small downloadable *.cpr file, using exclusively GPO
    - a test protocol where :
    * there's a fixed latency (say 20ms),
    * the test results may be the min and max "vst performance", observed during playback
    - anyone can post its results and its system spec (mac/pc, OS, processor, clock frequency, motherboard, chipset, memory type, memory size, fsb, hard drives, audio card).

    With such a test (and of course lots of results), anyone can easily decide if it is worthy or not to change its processor, to add 1gb, to by a mac...

    Note : there are other cubase test song, but they are massively using effects and audio tracks, which is not the typical use of GPO (lots of midi tracks using kontakt with a reverb and/or delay).

    What do you think ?

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    Re: CubaseSx Performance Test

    Great idea - many of us have crashed out in the CPU ratings with pops and bangs and would love to know - is this reasonable, or have we a trick we have missed in the settings - or have we to upgrade is some regard, if so then which regard.

    Great idea


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    Re: GPO CubaseSx Performance Benchmark

    well, I should have search the forum first...

    there's already billp's thread dedicated to this topic : Gpo bench

    Since it's not using cubase, it allows more users to post their results.
    Unfortunatly, the results are not collected in a synthetic chart, but it gives to me the answer to the question "should I upgrade ?" (No ATM).

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