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Topic: Lock Memory - No Swap?

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    Question Lock Memory - No Swap?

    Can someone please explain pros/cons of this switch in the options menu of the GPO player?

    I have 1GB of RAM but can't seem to load the full orchestra preset in GPO Studio without getting a message saying I am low on memory. If I tell it to keep loading, it crashes.


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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    Turning this switch "off" speeds up loading of samples dramatically on some systems. If you are low on physical ram, I don't know how much this switch will help. On my system, the full orchestra loaded into studio uses somewhere around 700MB of memory. Check how much memory you have before you load. If you don't have enough, it isn't going to load.

    I think I've read that the "low memory" message starts fairly early, maybe when you've used 75% or so of available ram.

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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    Thanks for the info, Bill.

    The full orchestra preset uses about 738 MB of RAM on my system.

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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    Hey Aspen - Before you make a decision like that, make sure that you are aware of all of the programs, drivers, interfaces, and such at the same time as GPO, your sequencer or notation program. If your audio card, in the middle of doing its thing along with GPO, decides it's time to increase the size of a particular buffer, and there's no RAM available, OR there's no swap-file available to swap out unused DLLs, your machine will crash and crash hard.


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    Question Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    So I take it that 1GB of RAM isn't really enough to load the full orchestra. How much extra RAM should be available, besides what GPO uses up?
    I also use GS3, which streams from disk. I can load lots of samples without any problem. I noticed that there is a DFD download for GPO, but it says it isn't recommended. Are there problems in using it? Is it any different in the way it works than Gigastudio?

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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    Hi Aspen - If you're using GS3 on the same machine as GPO - GET MORE RAM.

    GST STILL has to load a portion of the header and a small about of data for every sample it loads to make up for the latency of streaming the rest of the sample from the harddrive.

    1 Gig was NEVER enough for me to load GPO if I also wanted a Piano and Harp. If you're adding GST3 on top of that, more RAM is your best option for now.

    RAM is still very cheap by comparison to yesterday's prices. If more RAM is not in your immediate future, you'd do better by setting a STATIC swapfile of 1.5 gig or so. It's very unlikely that as RAM-intensive as GPO is, it's not very likely that you'd have a sample swapped out to RAM. Also, I'm not sure, but GPO might even set its use of RAM as un-swappable.


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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    I've just gone from a 1GB laptop to 2GB, and all my memory problems went away. If you can get 2GB, I don't think you'll need anymore...
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    I agree with Steve (EDIT) and Steve about the RAM. I have 2GB on my Athlon64. It's cheap. Don't use DFD unless you have to. I places more burden on the CPU. Nothing's free.

    But you can turn the memory swap flag off. When off, it will use VM while the voices load. Most of us turned this off in V1 of GPO after we found out about it. We had to go to the registry then. Now the flag is in the options. I've heard of no problems doing this, only better load times. My GPO competition project was taking 3 mins to load. I changed the flag and it took 30 seconds. And I think turning it off also avoids or delays the issuing of the out of memory warning message to some extent.

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    Question Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?

    I'm not using GS3 and GPO at the same time. I have another machine, an Athlon 64 with 2 GB RAM. I just recently got GPO and haven't tried using the two together yet. I'm intending to sync the two machines.

    So far, I'm still auditioning sounds.

    Speaking of sounds, Is there any way to get a short, agressive bow stroke from the solo violins? I played with the length control, but the attack is still too long. I'd like to be able to do a fast run with agressive bowing.

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    Re: Lock Memory - No Swap?


    Is your competition piece available to be heard? I've been listening to some of the demos on the Garritan site and they are very impressive. It's amazing what people are doing with GPO. I started a few years ago with Gigastudio and Advanced Orchestra, and just recently found out about GPO. To be honest, I didn't take it very seriously because of the price. But I was intrigued by the use of the controllers because it seemed more expressive than the Gigasamples I have. GPO is an incredible deal considering what is included, so I finally broke down and bought it.

    I'm also using Sonar 4 PE.

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