Unfortunatley, I'm new to this and am not sure where to start with figuring out how to solve this problem. I just recently started using Kontakt from my NI Komplete 2 package and hve been experimenting the the instruments that came with it. I have no problem recording instruments with short sustains such as guitars and whatnot. However, I'm having problems with pad sounds that I want to play infinitely. When I hold down a note and am recording live I can hear the pad loop infinitely until I release it. However, when I play back what I just recorded in Sonar everything starts off fine, but then the note ends early (I guess the length of the actual sample itself...playing one time through and not looping) For instance, I want the pad to play for about 2 minutes (and it does play that long when I'm recording and holding the note down) but during playback I only get about 18 seconds of the pad before it fades out to the end of the sample. I've fiddled with the "Loop Mode" setting in the Loop Editor. I've changed to setting from "Until End" to "Until Release" and still have the same results. Is it even possible to record a note from something like a pad or ambience sound infinitely in Sonar? What confuses the heck out of me is that when I actually play the note it will go on forever until I let go of it...but when I record, it just seems to play the sample one time through. I don't know if this is Kontakt or Sonar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. -O


So far, it seems to be either the latest Kontakt update patch that is making this happen (I've still got the previous version on my system as a vst and have not experienced the same problems with it so far) or, it could be that Kontakt doesn't want to be used as a dxi. Not sure. But I do know this...the Kontakt vst prior to the recent update patch seems to work the way it should. I dragged a note across 64 bars and was able to bounce the entire track to an audio file.