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Topic: PMI drops prices

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    PMI drops prices

    PMI new strategy: More Quality for Lower Prices!

    PMI brings you the most realistic grand piano, church organ and harpsichord samples you can imagine. They sound so realistic that they have proven to fool even the most critical ears of professional musicians and teachers.

    PMI brings you sampled instruments that feel and respond like real instruments. They respond to every nuance of your playing and bring every aspect of your performance to life. They are inspiring and hyper-functional: you can play a $100.000 grand piano for just $145!

    PMI products are known for their superior quality. Many thousands of musicians around the world use our pianos, organs and harpsichords on a daily basis. Both professionals and amateurs agree that the PMI products are of an outstanding quality. Most PMI pianos received 5 stars awards from leading Music Magazines (Bosendorfer290, Old Lady, Emperor were 5/5 stars SOS rewarded, all others 4/5 stars).

    PMI experienced high volumes of sales in the past months and feels confident enough to lower it’s prices drastically so that these products become available to a larger audience. At the same time our level of support will be raised. Shipping of all orders by priority mail is free. From now on, all orders above $300 will be delivered with Fedex International Express Courier without any costs! Our website hosts free updates that keep your instruments in perfect condition and finally our staff is available for technical assistance and advice.

    PMI brings you more quality for better prices!

    All 5 major PMI pianos (Bosendorfer290, Steinway D, OLD LADY and EMPEROR and the Yamaha C7) are now available under $ 150. We feel this is a friendly price for such products.
    All pianos are also available in special bundles so that you can have more piano timbres under your fingertips with considerable discounts. The Gold Bundle for example (it contains the Old Lady and Emperor) is just $ 245. The Piano Magic Bundle (all 8 PMI pianos including harpsichords) is just $450.

    And we are announcing three new products:
    - iPIANOS : a collection of 5 grand pianos for Apple Garageband. Add these to your Garageband setup for just $ 55! Shipping March 05.
    - GRANDIOSO Piano Bundle: 3 Amazing Grand Pianos: Grandioso Bosendorfer 290, Steinway D and Yamaha C7. Together they are a perfect trio that answers most (if not all) of your piano needs. Available in all sampler formats, including GigaStudio 3. Available for $ 295.
    - The first 96kHz piano! This piano, simply named “96!”, will be released next month. Since hi-res audio demands a lot from your PC’s, additional versions in standard CD-quality will also become available for the same friendly prices.

    Visit us at www.postpiano.com and take advantage of our new strategy.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    Many thanks Michiel! I hope this works well for you. I don't see why not. Too bad the money tree's dried up or I'd be all over this.

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    Eep! I was just looking at the Historic Keyboard collection the other day and I see that that price went down too. Eep - because now it is even more tempting. But that is a wonderful thing!!!

    I see a number of other items that are of interest to me as well.

    Anyway, thanks Michiel. I think this will be a good move.

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    Historic Keyboards is well worth whatever he's charging for it. I can't recommend that library enough.

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Historic Keyboards is well worth whatever he's charging for it. I can't recommend that library enough.
    Agreed. If you have any use for these types of sounds at all you won't find better anywhere. This lib rocks.

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    I fear your $300 combo will prove too tempting for my weak will. The horror! Salva me!

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    Thumbs up Re: PMI drops prices

    Joseph and Fred... do you know the difference between the instruments featured in the Historic Instruments Collection vs. the Fortepiano and Harpsichords vols 1 and 2? It appears that some of the demos featured on the various product pages are actually the same demos? In other words, is the Collection just that? An omnibus edition of those other products?

    I'm tempted to just order all of them, but obviously not if they're the same.

    I had a chance to play a real harpsichord once. Although the instrument was in pretty bad shape. Still, it was quite an experience and none of the synth patches I've ever played can hold a candle to the real thing. Even some of the samples I have that are pretty good severely pale in comparison.

    Except these... the demos I'm listening to give me the same goosebumps.

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    The Historic Keyboards is a collection of the various other libraries. That's your best bet.

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    That's absolutely wonderful. Thanks!

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    Re: PMI drops prices

    Anytime, glad to help. So I get, what? 10% commission off that sale?

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