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Topic: Music for a New 3d short

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    Talking New 3d short The Awakening of Consciousness

    Hi everyone!

    I have finished a new project 2 weeks ago and now it's online.
    Made by two guys in Spain, it's a little homage to videogames in general, Kung-fu ''Monster's inc type'' masters doing a duel. It was really a challenge since there's a lot of type of music and some chinese style that I'm not an expert in.

    You can see it there...


    I suggest the .Wmv one since it's a better compression.

    If you have any comments


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    Talking Re: Music for a New 3d short

    That was great! A very funny short and I think you did a prime job on the score! Thanks for sharing it.
    I think a favorite gag in medival times was to sneak up behind a Knight and stick a "kick me" sign on his armor with a magnet.

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    Thumbs up Re: Music for a New 3d short

    Great, this was so much fun and a great score as well
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Music for a New 3d short

    Very cool, Elfen!

    Great job.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Music for a New 3d short

    Thanks for the great comments!!

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    Re: Music for a New 3d short

    You should tell those guys to post their work at cgtalk.com, which is the largest CG forum on the planet.

    Comments about the film itself--these are just technical accuracy issues, nothing serious. I mean, the film is a slapstick comedy anyway:

    1) I hate it when people just throw random strokes on a page to look like Chinese characters, but is fact just gibberish that looks nothing like any Chinese words. There are Chinese people all over the world, and almost everyone knows someone who is Chinese--why not just ask them to write something that is actually Chinese? In fact, you can write something really funny so that people who can read it will laugh when they watch that part.

    2) The way the little guy is holding the brush is wrong. There is only one correct way to write caligraphy, and you have to hold it perfectly vetical, with your index finger at the top while the rest of the fingers are stacked down in order.

    3) His brush has no actual black ink on it.

    4) The backdrop and the clothes--that's all Japanese, not Chinese. But he's writing Chinese caligraphy, and while the Japanese borrows from the Chinese for their Kanji characters, there would be Japanese Hiragana characters as well.

    Anyway, this is only stuff that people who are Chinese/Japanese would pick up on.

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    Re: Music for a New 3d short

    Hi Lunatique,

    Yes they will surely needed to have a little more researsh done for that, I understand your point. I think theses 2 guys are not there for the accuracy but to make a fun film with oriental themes and a videogame genre, with no disrespect at all.

    They already are on cgtalk.com and cgchannel.com. Hope the film get far with that or land them a job. I think they have done a great job on the animation side. If you have any comments for them, technical ones or other, here the thread: http://cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=213006

    I'm sure they'll be happy of your insights.

    As for the music side any comments ?

    By the way, glad to see you on this forum Lunatique!

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    Re: Music for a New 3d short

    Quote Originally Posted by Lunatique
    Anyway, this is only stuff that people who are Chinese/Japanese would pick up on.
    Wow, that hurts...

    The main character is from Japan, couldn't you tell? So maybe he's just learning caligraphy and his Chinese ain't up to snuff. IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE

    I didn't even notice the brush had no ink, man, you must have a super commander keen eye. Somebody should hire you for quality control.

    In any case, there are hundreds of video games that make much worse 'mistakes' then this - so in a way this video pays homage quite well.

    The music was very nicely done, great job! The old school bits near the end really got my attention, but was fitting.
    Brain Edwards

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