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Topic: GS3, RME and no Midi

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    GS3, RME and no Midi

    I just installed my RME Multiface again with GS3 and now the Midi doesn't show, can anyone help me? RME has no cust Support? correct? or do I have to pay Synthax for answering my questions - lame!

    any help would be apprciated.

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    Re: GS3, RME and no Midi

    Here a link : http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ht=midi+driver

    1. Uninstall GigaStudio3 if you have it installed.
    2. Make sure your RME midi is working (may have to reinstall the driver).
    3. regedit to change the name of the value \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Drivers32\midi
    to ...\midi1 (this should have the value hdspmme.dll).
    4. Now install GS3.

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    Re: GS3, RME and no Midi

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    Re: GS3, RME and no Midi

    Thank you! definitely appreciate the help!

    Does this actually fix the Midi problems? I'm at work and havent tried it yet.

    has RME or Tascam come around with a permanent fix? as I see this was about 6-7 mo. ago, is a fix in one of the GS3 Updates? or still hasn't been addressed?


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    Re: GS3, RME and no Midi

    It's TASCAM's bug, it's fixed in the 3.02 installer (and later presumably).

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    Re: GS3, RME and no Midi

    I was thinking that this was my problem ( the RME problem ) with my Gina3G card...In the case of the RME problem, it was something to do with Tascam and RME fighting for the Midi drivers at the same time with the result being a wash ....No midi....Changing the names allows each to load but at a different time , so it now works with the work around ....I THINK this was the problem..

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