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Topic: PC dies when saving

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    PC dies when saving

    Just installed G3 (3.04) on new PC. All is fine, but when I try to save, the pc reboots instantly - no warning. Though this ONLY happens if I have tweaked a sound in QuickEdit. This is a real showstopper for me, and I really hope somebody has a solution. I am a bit worried though, that nobody here is mentioning the bug...


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    Re: PC dies when saving

    Try turning off file scanning in QuickSound (GigaStudio settings). Also try turning off hyperthreading, if you have a pentium.


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    Re: PC dies when saving

    I have turned off hypertheading. I will try the other thing tomorrow.
    BTW, I thought hyperthreading was ok with the GS 3.04 update, or?

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    Re: PC dies when saving

    Most people have found 3.04 to work with HT. But if you have crashing problems, it's still something to consider.


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    Re: PC dies when saving

    I seem to remember that kind of crashes at a time when I was experimenting with things -- changing gigapulse, then loading something, then loading and editing something different. Since I've gotten used to gs3, I rarely try to do more than one kind of change at a time! And never have crashes. (Almost never...)

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    Re: PC dies when saving

    Now I have disabled the QuickSound auto refresh, and for good measure I also disabled Rewire. The problem persists

    Can anybody reproduce this:
    Load any .gig into GS3. Open the QuickEdit (the little Q button) and then close the QE window again. Then save the performance. On my pc this causes an instant reboot.

    It is a brand new P4 3.2 with XP pro and NOTHING else installed exept GigaTeleport (which btw works fine).

    Now I have also blocked all plugins. It did not help either.

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    Re: PC dies when saving


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    Re: PC dies when saving

    I did have problems like you desribe but with Rewire via Cubase sx3 over a midisport 2*2. The problem was sending midiclock over midisport with hyperthreading enabled turning of midiclock did save the problem for me! Diasabling Hyperthjreading also saved the problem.

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    Re: PC dies when saving

    OK, problem solved: I installed my RME card and drivers, and the problem was gone. So apparently it is NOT possible to run a Giga PC with GigaTeleport without any real audio hardware (without the above mentioned problem).
    If any of you guys are running a Giga PC without audio hardware but only using GigaTeleport, can you confirm this?

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