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Topic: Creamware and Gigastudio

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    Creamware and Gigastudio

    Anybody using another machine for Gigastudio with Creamware. I am building two machines one DAW and one Giga 3. I have two Luna II cards and the I/O box with the possibility for another. Any suggestions for running the two together? Or should I go with audio and midi over LAN?


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    Re: Creamware and Gigastudio

    Personally, I would stay as far away from the Creamware stuff as I possibly could. The hardware seems pretty cool but I've had nothing but problems with their software.

    Giga is so demanding that I personally would not install it on a machine with anything Creamware-related, but that's just me...... I know that most Creamware users have no problems and absolutely love their products.
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    Re: Creamware and Gigastudio

    Been using Creamware (Pulsar 2, Luna 2), Gigastudio 2.5, Cubase SX - all on the one PC for years. Works great!

    I dont know much about running 2PC's together, but if you have the 2 cards already, why not try it? Personally I if was to run 2 PCs together (which could be in the future). I would consider buying a GSIF 2 sound card for the Giga machine. Then have all the Creamware and Cubase stuff on the other system.
    I'm not sure how I'd link them. But I think that setting it up that way would allow the best of both worlds. You could even run the giga samples though the Creamware (Scope) plugins if they being recorded in cubase on the way in. Depends how you sent it up and what you want to do.

    Good luck

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    Re: Creamware and Gigastudio

    Works ok on Luna2 here...


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    Re: Creamware and Gigastudio

    I am getting the kinks out of this new DAW I have had built for me. It's quite stable so far. I've managed to pack up half of my hardware thanks to Creamware, and Tascam. I play live, too much improv for sequencing. So I'm very familiar and picky with sounds. I've managed to replace my Moog, ARP String, D6, MP-9500, but not my Lexicons, Oberheim Xpander, and Leslie. The Hammond was the first after hearing the B2003 through my Leslie.
    I couldn't be happier. Just hope it remains the same.

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