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Topic: War music attempt

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    War music attempt

    Hellou !

    I'm trying to put some 40's like war music together for a PSP game. I'm not quite there but would like some comments on this tiny attempt.

    It's just a bunch of various clichés or ideas thrown one after another, it's not supposed to be any transition between parts, so transitions are rather poor and unworked.

    Things I know: the muted trumpets suck, it sounds more like western music than war music... I think the trumpet would be the obvious instrument to sing the fallen.

    GPO powered except for the trumpets (SAM). I think I'm gonna add some stopped horns for a more 40's feeling (SAM again). (some funny thing is happening in this piece, I don't know how I did that but I'd swear the viola section in the back sounds like a french horn at 0:56)

    My only disapointment about GPO is about the brass, and if Gary Garritan reads this => I'd definitely spend some bucks on a GPO update with new brasses. Even in SAM brass some articulations are missing for stopped and muted instruments.

    Here's that bit of music I share: http://traven.planet-d.net/ns/tentative_1.mp3
    EDITED Feb.24th.2005: http://traven.planet-d.net/ns/tentative_1+.mp3

    Please give me hints on how to make WAR music ! (I hate war myself so I'm not too enlightened on the subject )

    Thanks a lot,
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    Re: War music attempt

    Hmmmm- well, I think you're off to a good start, actually!

    It's not like I'm particularly qualified to give advice about this sort of thing, but I can offer some opinions. Your tempo seems about right, but a lot of war type soudtrack music will have pauses for percussion- military snares, timpani, that sort of thing. Imagine your first section, say, with those types of gaps ever 4 bars so it breathes, and then maybe play with varying your theme a bit. Beyond that, I dunno- just go for it and write how you feel! That usually works best

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    Re: War music attempt

    I missed this one when I was listening to other new pieces on here earlier! It sounds pretty militaristic to me! The muted trumpet actually works at the beginning. Have you ever heard the opening music to the movie "Wargames"? What you have written sounds very much like that. The only problem I had was the sound quality...it sounded like it was recorded at 8-bit. Also, at 1:08 something very strange happens - the music jumps and then distorts badly. I'd love to hear this at higher quality if you could re-post it? It sounds like a great piece!

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    Re: War music attempt

    Hello Nino Mojo!

    This has a very cinema-like quality to it. It sounds like a squad or lone soldier sneaking into an enemy camp searching for a prisoner or secret plans or something like that. I don't know if it sounds specifically like it's from the 1940's, it sounds like it would work in the war/military genre in any time period. I closed my eyes and imagined myself playing Medal of Honor while listening and it worked extremely well (that series of games takes place during WWII - at least the ones I played did).

    And I, too, would love to hear this at a higher quality. It's very good and deserves to be listened to at a higher qual. .

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: War music attempt

    Thanks !

    Here's a bit more advanced version, with stopped horns, trombones, and GPO's tuba.


    I think it's better than before, but still there is something that bugs me and I don't know what, I don't have the feeling I'm in control with these piece.. Strange. Maybe it's not a good idea to have long notes on the bass on the later part ?
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    Re: War music attempt

    Yeah, I like this. I agree that it needs to be "broken up" a little bit, otherwise it sounds too... um... busy. You need a couple of quiet moments otherwise it's a bit overwhelming.

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    Re: War music attempt

    wow, this is really good. Very cinematic, and great thematic development. I like the 2nd version better, and i really like the muted trumpet in the beginning. I don't even know what 40's war music is supposed to sound like, but i can't imagine your director-whatever-person not digging this.

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    Re: War music attempt

    I think the muted horns are really what set the mood of the piece. Love 'em!

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