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Topic: Action and Suspense Series Promo

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    Action and Suspense Series Promo

    This is the promo for a riveting action and suspense series that was about to go nationwide, but for some unknown reason the series was canceled. It is entitled Quantum Threat Matrix. It was going to be broadcast on ABC or CBS or maybe FOX. Anyway, the series chronicles a stalwart crew of seasoned, no nonsense defenders of justice who must decide the fate of the United States on a weekly basis. (Sorry. I was not permitted to post the video.)


    Man! I wish this show wasn't canceled. I guess it was just too controversial given the nation's mood.

    (Samples used: SAM Horns, Distorted Reality, Garritan Strings, in GigaStudio)

    Please let me know what you think.

    Perhaps it will go straight to DVD.


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    Re: Action and Suspense Series Promo

    Hehe..Sounds like a fun gig. I kept On thinking about Harry Gregson-Williams's score to Team America. No but seriously that simple horn rif at the beggining with the major stuff was individual sounding (which is always real cool) hopefully it'll get to see the light of day someday.

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