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Topic: Sax Bundle by John Rekevics

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    Sax Bundle by John Rekevics

    Has anyone used this bundle in Giga,and have any comments?


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    Re: Sax Bundle by John Rekevics

    Hi Garry,

    I've used the Soprano Sax in a Demo I did for Bigga-Gigga last year.

    The Soprano has a very natural and unique sound. It has some nice keying facilities which I prefer when playing in real time..

    Here's the direct link to "Sweet Soprano" @2004 on my website.


    Here is the Bigga-Gigga page: http://www.glasstrax.com/biggagiggas/

    Alan Russell
    Please Visit My New & Revised Official Website Below


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    Wink Re: Sax Bundle by John Rekevics

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks, i will check the demos out

    All the best

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