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Topic: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

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    Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    I've never posted any tunes here, but I've had GPO for more than a year now and I figured I may as well take a deep breath and hop in.

    Here are a few tracks I've done lately that make heavy use of GPO:

    Parergon Theme: http://www.willowtreeaudio.com/media/Parergon.mp3

    This for an isometric PC RPG from Games for Insects. Strings are GPO, the rest of the orchestral stuff (toy glockenspiel, bass drum) is free G-Town samples. The synth stuff comes from Reaktor 4, Absynth 2 and hardware (*GASP*)...Triton, XV-5080 and XP-50.

    Descent: http://www.willowtreeaudio.com/media/Descent.mp3

    This one was whippped up for the GANG composition contest. It's a little truncated because of the maximum entry length of 1:05. Again, GPO strings and some brass. The horns are layered with Edirol Orchestral horns because I didn't have enough time to figure out how to make the GPO horns sound ridiculously big by themselves. The snare is a SAM freebie. Synth stuff is Absynth 2 and the same hardware as above.

    Needless to say, I love me some GPO strings.

    Enjoy...feedback is appreciated.

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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Great pieces, Ian.

    Descent: I love the strings in this. And the very cool beat going on. It had a Middle Eastern feel to it. And the mix felt and sounded perfect. I only wish it could have been longer .

    Parergorn: I definitely want to play this game after hearing this theme. Such a cool mix of synthy and classical instruments. Good choice using glockenspiel - it gives the piece an eerieness (is that a word?). It kind of reminds me of American McGee's Alice In Wonderland.


    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, Michael. I'm glad you enjoyed the tracks.

    Quote Originally Posted by mfortunato
    I only wish it could have been longer .
    Me too...

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    Thumbs up Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Nice, stuff, Ian! (My litmus test is that I really wanted to hear MORE from both tracks!) I enjoyed the "modern edge" on both of the tracks -- a nice change from constantly re-inventing Tchaikovsky! (You know who you are!)

    You'll find that people here on the GPO Forum do check out your tracks, but few leave any remarks. It may be human nature that is at play in not wanting to assume the role of critic -- who knows!?

    anyway ... give us MORE!


    P.S. I'm curious: You mentioned other sample sets for instruments that ARE in GPO -- did you prefer those to the GPO instruments?

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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Kevin, thanks for the response and the kind words.

    As far as the non-GPO stuff, it's not so much a matter of general preference as how approriate I think the character of the sound would be for the piece. For example, I used the SAM snare in Descent because I needed some of those cool sidestick/rimshot thwacks. I used the G-Town toy glockenspiel in the Parergon Theme because the GPO glock sounded too "good" for the particular piece. I also like the "live" quality of the G-Town and SAM stuff, though if I was doing a straight orchestral kind of piece I would probably stick to the GPO samples so I wouldn't have to worry about blending the sound of three different rooms.

    As I mentioned, the Edirol brass was just layered in there for a little extra fatness. I probably could have achieved similar or better results with GPO had there been more time for experimenting, but given the time constraints I went with what I knew would work.

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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Fantastic work, Ian.

    "Descent" is reminiscent of some of Hans Zimmer's style (that a compliment, by the way, 'cause live the Zimm).

    "Perergon" is amazingly atmospheric and has it's own beauty. A bit of Zimmer in there, as well as others, like Trever Jones ("Dark City" score, anyone?).

    I love both these pieces, and would encourage you to post more!
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Thanks for listening guys. I really appreciate the comments.

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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Impressive and enjoyable pieces Ian.


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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    I really enjoyed listening to both works, but Descent really caught my ear. I love the percussive style you present there. Keep up the good work!!

    Donald W. Sorah
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    Florida State University
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    Re: Couple of tunes featuring GPO

    Great work! I like the "darkness" at the start of Parergon. It then begins to remind me of an old Commodore 64 game tune by Rob Hubbard at 00:54 onwards. I also enjoyed Descent, especially the short bowed strings and the Middle-Eastern theme at the end (can we hear more of that part or is it meant to fade out?)

    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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