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Topic: Common RMX bug?

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    Common RMX bug?

    Hi... When I load a saved project with beats in RMX, only channel 1 loads the right beats. Channel 2 loads something else...


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    Re: Common RMX bug?

    Never heard that before. If you're certain it's happening, save a multi that demonstrates the problem and send it to support@spectrasonics.net along with details about your RMX version and your system.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Common RMX bug?

    Ok... this problem is still bugging me. Never got around to send spectrasonics an email... not quite sure how to present the problem, or save the file, but its relaly annoying. STill no one else experiencing this?

    I have a peice now, where only the 5th and 6th channel load right.. the three first dont.!

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    Re: Common RMX bug?

    you can save the multi by clicking on the diskette icon in the lower right corner of the browser footer.
    Then locate it in the SAGE folder on your system drive and attach it to an email that you sent to spectrasonics.
    Its probably a good idea to send the song file as well.


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