Hey, guys.

Playing catch up as fast as I can. I've just added all the new songs to the database, so please find your name in the composer list and update your bio and song info.

I was surprised at how many people didn't follow the submission instructions, particularly the part about registering first. If you don't see your name in the composer list, I've sent you an email detailing what the problem is and what you need to do. I know there's a lot of info on the submissions page, but please read it all and follow the instructions, folks, or we can't accept your submission.

Anyway, got a bunch of shows still to mix and get up, and our next recording session will be the top 40 for the contest entries. After that, we'll do a session on the songs that I've added to the database today, and any who get their information corrected before the session.

I've also set up a form at
that lets you enter an email address and get automatic notifications when we add new shows / features to the station. Today saw the 5th edition of Artist and Alchemy added.

And as always, thanks for being a part of what we're doing!