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Topic: OT: cure for 'writers block'?

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    OT: cure for 'writers block'?

    Does anyone ever get ‘writers block’ or am I the only one plaque with this dreaded disease. Maybe it is because the projects I have done recently but I have just felt ‘spent’ and uninspired of late.

    Thus the reason just to take a day off and ‘write for me’. I have to say – it has helped – at least to have some renewed energy and eagerness to turn my gear on.

    Used Kip's Bosen, VSL, RMX, JV bass (except for the PNO - I 'first' reached for instruments I normally don't use - that seemed to help break through the block.)

    Let me know what you think of this quick little ditty. I was too lazy to mix - direct out of giga (I know...)


    -this is one way that has seemed to help - what does everyone else do to break free of such brain cramping???

    Many thanks in advance.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: OT: cure for 'writers block'?

    Rob you should have a read here.............


    You are not alone!

    Enjoyed the piece too. Great way to wind down at the end of a long day.


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    Re: OT: cure for 'writers block'?

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the link - I appreciate it.
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: OT: cure for 'writers block'?

    Sounds great, Rob. Writing a song always helps me break the writers block as well.

    Seriously though, I'm taking the EIS course right now. The way Spud Murphy wrote the exercises gives me fodder for a song any time.

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    Re: OT: cure for 'writers block'?

    Sounds very nice Rob. I wish I sounded that good when I'm having writers block.



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    Re: OT: cure for 'writers block'?

    rJames, Thanks for your nice comments. I was talking to Craig about get started with EIS. I really need to do it, just trying to manage the time right.

    Josejherring, Thanks for your kind remarks. The one thing I learned in this exercise was to 'approach' everything differently on this short exercise. I started with the 6 note theme on the piano and I set as a 'rule' not to orhestrate with any strings on this ( I love strings), but that I could only use instruments that I normally don't use (vibes, Music Box on the JV, etc.). It was a bit enlightening how their 'voice' helped me write.

    In some ways I miss playing and improvising with other musicians - I think this keeps our ideas fresh as well.

    Rob Elliott Music

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