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Topic: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

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    Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    This piece is somewhat in the Gypsy tradition. A string trio it is; a lullaby it is not. My sequencer started smoking half way through and I had to mix it down before my computer caught fire.


    Please lend it your ears and let me know what you think.


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    Thumbs up Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    Nice work Marko. Upfront and powerful, yet very musical. Just curious, What violin sounds are you using.

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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    A great piece Marko! I would recognize this as your style, which becomes stonger with each effort. Wonderful!


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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo


    again what library. Vienna?



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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    Marko has used KHSS in the past, and I believe that he is here as well. He may have additional ingredients in the recipe though...


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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    Wow - Awsome expression!!! Nothing static about this at all, every note attack was taking it somewhere - very very cool. I dig the music!

    Would you mind sharing your general technique for repeated notes? Really great peformance out of the KH vln.

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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    Thank you.

    As Jon suspects, I used the Kirk Hunter Solo Strings for this piece (and nothing else). The spiccato release trigger samples for the violin, viola, and cello are used a lot for the fast runs.



    The repeated notes are the release trigger samples. These are programmed with a lot of velocity layers to them. The violin solo is a combination of the basic violin program (Spiccato-detache-hard sustain-expressive legato whose articulations are controlled via the mod wheel) and the up down spiccato trigger release sample for the same instrument. I used these combinations of articulations to lend variety to the repeated notes. But it is really the up-down trigger release samples that I exploit in this piece.


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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    I know I got to this thread late...but MAN. This sounds GREAT.

    And KHSS is included with the KH Concert Strings, right?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    Yes, but I think it might be a subset. As I recall it's a good sized subset. The intent is that it's all you need. It's not intended to be a teaser for KHSS. I could be wrong about the subset thing though.

    Kirk's Concert Strings are definitely on my short wish list. Money, money money...


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    Re: Gypsy Fire Dance demo

    The fast runs are really awsome. Only thing I'd critisize is that the attack of the sustaines is too slow.

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