OK, this is a duplicate post but I think it is deserving! Isn't it nice to know Frank and Gary are true professionals and most importantly, care about their customers? Christ! When will the rest of the professional world catch on?

About a year ago I had a Tascam FW 1840 and tried to get the unit installed on my PC. Windows XP would not intall the Tascam discs. To make a long story short, I called Tascam USA, I emailed them several times, I called them again and continuously left message after message, and finally I wrote to them snail mail. After waiting a month and no replies in either path, I decided to list the unit on Ebay and rid myself of the headache. Now get this, two full months after the last correspondence and AFTER I sold it, they finally answered with, "Please state the nature of your problem." My reply back was simply, I have no more problem I sold the unit and bought ProTools Le 002, thank you.
I am so happy that there are people such as Frank and Gary and their team members as Alan that care enough about their products to actually take the time to make it right for everyone and not just a select few!
This morning, Alan took the time to call me and the man helped me find out what I was doing wrong and what needed to make it right! Alan is one of the greatest persons I ever had the pleasure to know and talk with. He never gets frustrated with my shortcomings and stays calm, and well, just a fantastic help! Frank must be proud to have him on his team. Gary and Frank have the best damn people on their teams backing everything with such skill and knowledge its uncanny!
To end, Alan showed me how to open the samples for kontakt to see in Extended. I am playing with them now and Frank, what the heck were you thinking man THESE ARE GREAT! Is this just new to my ears or did you do something to up the quality of the voices in Extended? I am going to have a blast with these along with my GPO, and GOSlite!
No words can express my sincere appreciation for taking the time in helping me get this straighten out.
I'll say this, since I've been with this forum it has been very uplifting to be a member. If this were around when I was studying music in college my life wouldn't had been so complicated.
I'm getting off track here. Need more coffee.
Diva and GPO are the best! Can't wait for the choirs to come out! What a package they will make!!
Thanks Frank and a special thanks to Alan for the call this morning. Sorry I was still half asleep....