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Topic: Portamento with Finale

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    Portamento with Finale

    I'm "getting under the hood" of Finale/GPO playback - and as I discover new things, I intend to post them here - just in case they help anyoneelse along the way......

    As far as my tests have gone, Finale Human Playback uses the Pitch wheel controller to achieve portamento - the problem here is that as far as I know, GPO pitch wheel is limited to a maximum of a whole tone, so a gliss between two notes an octave apart using GPO will just not work.

    To achieve the desired effect, you need to create a set of expressions with different playback settings for CC20, which combined with the sustain pedal (used in legato mode in GPO) creates different speeds of portamento between notes.

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    Re: Portamento with Finale

    Very interesting!
    Please more details!

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    Re: Portamento with Finale

    Here is a link to a Finale file that hopefully demonstrates the HP difficulty, and how to control portamento using Expressions.

    www.stradjazz.co.uk/GPOportameto.MUS {F2k5 - save first, then open. Best viewed in Page View}

    All feedback is welcome.

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