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Topic: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

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    A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    Hello! I just finished my second 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations". It's in 7/8 time with a fairly strong contemporary jazz feel to it. I used Steinberg's SX 3.01 program as the sequencer.

    I must say that I'm glad it's finished. I wrote out all of the notes, although I confess that I used the repeat sign when it came to the last several measures of the piece. I'm forcing myself to get back into the habit of writing down the music for each part. It's quite different than my "sequence off the top of my head" approach which I've been taking these past few years. I find that I can explore different ideas when I can see the piece on paper. It's a SLOOOOOOOW process for me, but one that I think I'll find more rewarding in the long run.


    Rising Expectations



    P. S. I just want to say once again that GPO rocks!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    I'd say take that score, hire a small band and record it live. This is really a lovely piece of music, but it sounds very sequenced. Did you quantize? It sounds too mechanical. Get a live performance and you'll have some primo Mary Tyler Moore soundtrack fodder. And that's not an insult - I love MTM!!!

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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    Great piece. Gotta love 7/8! I'd say a bit of humanization and perhaps a bit of reverb would add a bit more life to the recording. Really like the style though!

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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    Thank you for the listen. I agree that it sounds too mechanical.

    I normally sequance using external tone generators. When I use the "hard synths", I have little problems with latency while sequencing/recording. In fact, I rarely use the quanize function when sequencing/recording with the tone generators. I'm just becoming aquainted with the world of softsynths and sound libraries like the GPO. Latency seems to be an issue with my current set up. I don't know if the problem exists with the computer or the MOTU 828 MKII, or the SX 3.01 program, or the GPO or a combination of everything, but it's trickier for me sequencing using an all computer-based sound library. The issue is latency and I find myself attempting to correct it either by moving way out of placed notes (which is often, lately ) or using too much quaniizing. I obviously have a little more work to do with fine tuning my set up. And I also have a little more work to do in creating less-mechanical settings for SX's quantize function.

    Thank you for the welcomed feedback.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    Ted, what a cool piece!

    These folks comments are correct, so don't quit now, polish that baby up.


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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    yah, I only suggested doing a live recording cuz this piece is worth pursuing. Good luck - this is grand stuff.

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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    This is just great music! I agree with other comments posted and would love to hear this piece played by a real band/orchestra! Or more work on the dynamics and "human" elements to make it really cool! The music itself is awesome, it's only the "perfection" of the instrumentation which detracts from the overall enjoyment.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I wish I could write original music this good!

    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: A 100% GPO piece titled, "Rising Expectations"

    Ted -

    This piece is wonderful! It is so playful. Reminds me of some of the music from the Peanuts cartoons (they have a very jazzy feel to them). It's so animated and lively - I can see a whole scene being played out (and for some reason it involves snow - we still have snow on the ground in NY and I LOVE the snow).
    You've done a fantastic job keying in the instruments, they sound very realistic.

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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