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Topic: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    Many thanks Herman. Thanks for the purchase option as well.

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    I forgot to mention that there's also a new user demo:
    "Absolutely Raw" - by Scott Pettigrew

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    This is an incredible collection of samples.

    I won't say which of the five patches is the best.

    Of course you need to roll up your sleeves and build your own.

    Yet the mod wheel is already in the sweet spot.

    A high percentage of the other RAW gigs are outstanding.

    This one bank is more useful to me than scads of libraries I've purchased.

    Thanks for existing. When we cross paths again you will score big!

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    Thanks for the comment
    Any feedback about improving the Suling?

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    Is it only me who can't download these samples? For me the download keeps claiming to be complete at random points. Everything will look normal - the download script will say it's expecting 19.5Mb (or whatever size the specific RAR happens to be), and estimate that it's still going to take an hour - then suddenly it will stop at 346Kb, and claim that the download is complete. Then the next time it might make it to 6Mb, but the next time only 20Kb.

    My connection is slow, so I thought maybe it was timing out or something. So I tried a broadband connection at school, and the same thing happened. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong - I really want to hear these sounds.

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    That has happened to me a couple of times. If I retry it works.

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    I've contacted my hosting provider. It might be due to the large amount of bandwidth used.

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    Re: Anouncing R.A.W. Suling Slendro

    This picture shows how to get great legato/vibrato results in fast passages:

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