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Topic: Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

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    Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

    I just purchased Stylus RMX yesterday and I'm getting very high CPU usage in Sonar. I'm just using it for the first time and I believe I have it configured properly. This is a new project with one instance of Stylus consisting of an 8-part multi with no effects. My CPU usage meter is running at anywhere from 20 - 36%. None of my other VIs come anywhere close to that. Any other Sonar users care to comment? Also, does anyone else have an issue with drifting sync. I added another midi track and after 30 or 40 bars it loses sync with Stylus.Something I haven't experienced before.

    My computer: AsusP4T533C , 1GB RDRAM , 2.4GH yada yada yada

    Thanks all

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    Re: Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

    with regards to the losing sync question are you driving RMX with a MIDI clip or is it running on it's own transport?

    if you upload the cwp I can see if it loses sync on my system...
    -david abraham

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    Re: Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

    More Power,

    Yes, Stylus is a hungry VSTi, 8 parts costs me about 18-20% of my cpu using WDM drivers @ 6.5 ms latency.

    Also, there have been reports of Stylus losing sync if you are just playing the parts 'inside' stylus. IE, clicking on a part and pressing the big play button.

    However, once you actually start driving stylus by midi, this shouldn't happen anymore.


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    Re: Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

    [FONT=Arial]Hey guys

    I've been checking out other bass patches as well as trying various latency settings on my Egosys sound card. It's always been rock solid and I usually run it at 512samples through the ASIO driver which translates to about 11ms. No matter where I set it though, as the last crusader can attest to, the cpu cycles are brutal compared to all my other VSTs. Including Atmosphere.

    Today I'm trying Stylus in a project I started last week and I've been experiencing some interesting stuff. Sometimes after setting all the multi outputs to A thru H and closing the Sonar, there's a chance that they will all have reverted back to Output a upon reopening the project. Also, after adding a new sound to ANY part, that part's Output will change back to Output A when returning to the mixer view. Ever hear of this issue?


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    Re: Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

    One thing that you'll probably notice right away is that Stylus RMX isn't like any other virtual instrument, so it's hard to draw comparisons. But, if you want to optimize cpu performance for RMX, check out the topic on that subject on the http://www.spectrasonics.net/rmxcommunity FAQ page.

    If you don't want your parameter settings to change when you select an element, turn off the "Settings" button in the browser.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Sonar 4 CPU usage with Stylus RMX

    I run RMX at 12 or 23ms latency with an RME 9652 (ASIO) in Sonar 3 and get 50-65% CPU usage and 700Mb RAM (of 1 Gb) on a P4 3GHz. 2 RMX parts only.

    Seems excessive to me. I am running a couple of other VSTis and VST FX though. The project runs through OK.

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