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Topic: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

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    Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    Hi there.
    I have to make some heavy metal music ala Metallica, Pantera, etc. It's not my bag, by any stretch but I have to do it in this case so I want to try and be as authentic as possible.
    I'm not sure which drums are the best to use for this purpose. The kick in particular in this style has a high end snap (it was explained to me at one point that the drummers tape nickels onto their beaters to get that sound). Can anyone recommend which drums I should use to get this sound?

    I currently own Stormdrum and DHFS but I can't seem to find "that sound" in them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    DFHS can do it nicely. Use the Fibes bass drum instead of Sonor. Metal bass drum is equalized so that the eq graph looks like a rollercoaster ride from hell. The punch is located around 100 Hz, the snap is between 3 and 4 kHz and everything around 800 Hz should be carved out. Use a compressor to add punch by letting the first 30 or so milliseconds through and compressing the rest.

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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    With a name like Drumkit From Hell, you'd think it would be perfect. If Janila's recommendations don't work for you, check out Larry Seyer's demos. Pat Mastelotto was the performer, and while King Crimson isn't metal, Pat can go heavy when he wants to. Larry has a lot of demos up, and while the rhythms aren't death metal, you may find the sound you need. The range of included impulses and processing options covers a lot of ground.


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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    DFHS would be it for a more modern sound (check out the demos from the Meshugga guy who helped make the library). Larry Seyers looks like a no-brainer for more ambient sounds, or (dare I say) big 80's drum sounds. They're fat.

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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    My first reaction when I loaded one of Larry Seyer's larger room kits was "where's Jon Bonham?" There are certainly other libs with excellent drums, but I think his is perfect for that sound.

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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    for jsut loading up and going...

    just get drum kit from hell B]one[/B] and go from there (its already EQ'd and mixed I believe), or maybe storm drums, but I hate the hi hats in this lib for anything "controlled", the snares and toms and kicks are great tho)...the new seyers suff sounds like it has everything, so it might be worth the investment if you want to have mroe than a rock kit

    if you're trying to be really specific....

    depends on the era Metallica, there'e totally different drum sounds than Pantera

    Its all about EQ and gate reverbs when it comes to Pantera's sound

    Metallica....there are three distinct sounds to me with this band,

    early stuff (before jsutice) was floppy sounding, you can probably get this sound via really flat sounding snares in any non EQ'd library. Yellow tools pure drums has one of these, and the dry mics in Real Giga Drums will get your there, Storm Drums has somethign liek this too in one kit....or even the old clearmountain lib. I seem to remember that one of the close mic'd snares in Scarbee imperial drums sounded like this too.

    Justice, is all EQ for click and thump, and compression. and a real tight sounding snare.

    Black album through reload = any of the kits with room control, Real Giga Drums and Larry Seyer's should be good, Storm's got some close ones, but you relly want to get that room boom, and control it seperately. Maybe even teh Lastufka drums or Scarbee Imperial Drums. Storm drums has a great snare for this sound too, but with EQ and good verb you shoudl b able to get this with any of the libs with multiple mic's

    last album, uhm...I dunno, distort the snare and compress it for that annoying out of tune with the songs ring, and turn the rest of the kit down... god the drums suck on that album to me, its like they were going for that soundgarden sound, but you cant do that with that kind of playing!

    Pantera = Really sweeped out EQ sound (smiley face on a graphic EQ, with bits of low mids in there too), and gate the kick. Snare with a gated reverb.

    and thats prolly more info than you care for, so I'd jsut say go with DFKH 1 and be happy with the pre mixed sounds. (I dont have it, so someone correct me if I'm wrong and the sounds are pre mixed)
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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    Since most of the other major libraries have already been mentioned, with the Larry Seyer library being particularly good (and it really is), I have to add that the bass drum samples in Purrrfect Drums are GNARLY and well suited to metal. Also the Studiocat website has discounted the price to $149, which is really a great deal.

    Also, the free NaturalSounds kit for GS has a nice bassdrum that also works in this genre. Link is here.
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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    DFHS is all about "metal"...

    I'm surprised you can't get that sound out of them. ever heard Slipknot? Go download something of theirs on-line. Their drums are almost completely dry. I could easily get that sound out of DFHS...

    I think your problem is in not "processing" them they way metal guys would. But even so, you should be able to get a metal sound out of them just by programing what a metal player would play. Then playing guitar over them like a metal player.....

    Here's a hint.... try to get a wide Hi Hat sound. That is the glue for metal drums. If you leave it unprocessed it's not gonna sound right. As well you need to compress it so it pumps...

    Also do NOT cut everything below 100Hz, unless you want it to sound like 80's metal (think ADAT). Metal now a days uses those lower frequencies in the kick. You're going for "FAT" not "THIN".

    "Fibes" is not the kick to use, the "DW" kick is perfect for that sound in DFHS. (I think it's DW? now I'm wondering if it's the Sonar kick? Sorry, don't have my rig on) Which ever of the two sounds more "hollow". Either one would work though... and almost any one of those snares would work. They are perfect for that type of music. That's what the lib was made to do?!?!?!?

    And that is a very specific sound... a sound that no other drum lib has.

    Do you wanna just sub the job to me?

    Sorry, but your post strikes me the same way as if someone said "I have a Mesa Boogie Dual recto and I'm unable to get a metal tone out of it, what amp should I get instead"?

    Or if that analogy didn't make sense to some non rocker types...

    "I'm trying to get a great orchestral sound from samples... But all I have is VSL".....

    You have the best tool for the job in other-words.... There's nothing out there that's better.


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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    BTW KING---

    (what's up King)

    I think you're over thinking this one a bit. I don't think he should go for a specific drum sound (as in Metalica's XYZ album). He should just write the song. If it's metal, it'll sound like it. Especially since he's got the tool he needs already....

    Just as you wouldn't try to fiddle with VSL trying to make it sound like whatever recorded orchestra... that's not the best way to approach mixing. Unless you wanna chase your tail. See, unless you have the same exact kit or strings etc. (samples or otherwise), it's not gonna sound "exactly" the same. And not unless you process it exactly the same way. (which is fundamentally why I feel it's a waste of time to check mixes against other mixes, different material, so who cares what that other mix sounds like? But that's another topic... )

    The point is --- mix what you "have" to it's highest point. That's the best it will ever be/get.

    My question would then be --- "whatcha' got for guitar?"


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    Re: Suggestions for Heavy Metal Drumkit?

    DFHS comes with sample projects. Load one of them in your host application and check the sound with and without FX to get a rough idea where to start.



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