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Topic: Doh!

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    I was planning on mixing the last 11 shows that we have recorded sessions for this weekend (which would be everything except the new stuff I've added to the database this week). I just realized that we added two new shows, Classical Masters and Composers a la Carte and I forgot to record the show intros & exits for them. Now I have to wait for our next recording session in a couple of weeks before I can do the final mix on them. Argh!

    I just put up the last three editions of Artist and Alchemy, so that's at least a little something new. If you want to get auto email notifications when the new shows are posted, you can set that up here. Sorry for the delays on the other shows, but my brain has clearly been unable to keep up with the meager demands made on it of late...
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    Re: Doh!


    No worries man. I think that you are doing a fantabulous job with the station. I'm sure it's alot of hard work, but keep it up man!

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

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    Re: Doh!

    you're doing a fine job so no probs chris.
    i sometimes have that sort of trouble as well
    so i know howw it fff...

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