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Topic: Attention Developers!

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    Attention Developers!

    I had an idea for a really cool sample library, I thought I'd keep it for myself but realistically I just don't have the time or resources to really to it right so here's one for Doug or the VSL team to fight over.

    How about a sample library of orchestral runs which utilizes the latest technology found in Intakt and or Stylus RMS to match to tempos and keys used in a composition without the end user having to jump through hoops?

    A while back there was a product called Smart Violins (and Orchestral Colours before that) which featured very useful string runs which could be carefully layered with other samples to achieve a realistic sound of one of the toughest things to achieve realistically with samples. Only problem was that the library was locked to certain tempos, and the key signature runs were difficult to deal with in an efficient manner.

    So how about it? Here's what I have in mind:

    • Strings and Woodwinds Runs programmed into an Intakt style interface for automatic tempo sync and easy matching of key signatures.

    • Subdivided into stylistic groups such as Joyous, Heroic, Scary, etc.

    • Utilizes EQing and other techniques to match closely with existing libraries....the "Quantum" set or the "Viennese" sets could be choices.

    • Brass and Percussive sets for slurs, runs, bends and other effects.

    • Matching "construction kit" style sets that allow for cohesive string, woods, brass and percussion motifs.

    Ok, what do you guys think? I believe something like this would be incredibly useful to add some realistic tweaks to the already excellent tools in existence.

    So if any of you go and run with it....all I ask is that you hook me up with a complementary copy for my idea!
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    Re: Attention Developers!

    I join!

    Questa te la appoggio Keys, mi piace!

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    Re: Attention Developers!

    Something liek this could already be created with VSL probably

    they have all those runs taht allow you to create your own combination/variation, but it still requires you to set it in the performance tool

    I've been thiking using VSL in Melodyne might actualyl be a better idea, ala "liquid sax" (I just havent tried it yet)

    cool ideas tho midphase.
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    Re: Attention Developers!

    Count me in.

    I dare to say:
    A group buy for Colossus, RA or Symphonic Choirs and you've got the funds!

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