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Topic: House of...

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    House of...

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    Anyone who has not read this book - should.

    House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

    I will sum up the plot in one terrifying sentence: The ordinary family of photojournalist Will Navidson, moves into one extraordinary house on Ash Tree Lane; a house that's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

    I'm re-reading it for the third time now... it won't let me out!
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    Re: House of...

    And thanks for the third reminder. I need to go to B&N tomorrow.

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    Re: House of...

    JB - you really should - it's thee coolest book I've ever read. (I even have an autographed hardcover edition in my collector's case.)

    Let me know if you get lost ('cause then I'll know you're actually reading it - lol) and there is a CD by Poe (the author's sister, rocker from the 90s) that is a concept album based on the book. Cool sh!t man.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: House of...

    As the username would suggest, I am a huge fan of this book. I was recommended it by a friend and read it over the course of a weekend last summer - a very memorable couple of days indeed! I find it hard to comprehend how one person could have written such a vast and detailed piece of literature alone as not only does it have a wonderfully original concept at the heart of the book, but it is written in such an cinematic, evocative and chilling way that it will leave you thinking about it for weeks afterwards. Something about 'The Navidson Record' really haunted me quite deeply... I won't pretend I didn't have trouble sleeping for a long time after I finished reading as the events of the novel were playing so heavily on my mind. Not that it is a horror story mind, perhaps it should be classified as a psychological exploration into the primal fear of the unknown, the unquantifiable and the unexplainable.

    And then you have to take into account the many levels the book has. Once you read the final revelations towards the very end you realise there's a whole new layer to the novel... suddenly it becomes a puzzle box full of cryptographic labyrinths and tangled clues that may or may not lead to understanding the metaphorical and literal meanings behind the Navidson Record, and perhaps the book's existence altogether.

    It's a masterpiece.

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