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Topic: One PC vs. Two PC Machines

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    One PC vs. Two PC Machines

    As things in the studio here become more internalized I was wondering what would be a better way to go in developing a computer environment.

    I am going the PC route.

    Would it be more effective to have one monster of a system, say a Dual processor machine to run all sequencing, audio, processing and virtual synthesizers/sampling( I will not be running Gigastudio ) or would it be more effective to have two machines, one dedicated to audio/sequencing/processing and another machine dedicated to software synthesizers/sampling running in either stand alone or through a VST host program?

    It seems that most of the ongoing stability issues with software is the integration of everything into one host recording environment. Could one limit the potential for software hangups by having two separate machines doing there own dedicated tasks?


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    Re: One PC vs. Two PC Machines

    Hi, a dual cpu system is great for processing power, but your still limited by ram under a 32bit o.s. In other words, your Cpus might be hovering around 20% and sequencing effortlessly, but your ram is maxing out.

    I run a dual cpu host with 3 single cpu slaves. This seems to work best for me.
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    Re: One PC vs. Two PC Machines

    The week link is memory and hard drive bandwidth. You'd be much better off with 2 fast PCs than 1 PC for everything.

    I'm not sure it's any more or less stable. The reality you have 2 machines to look after instead of 1. But that shouldn't deter you from a 2 machine set up if you have the budget for it.

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    Re: One PC vs. Two PC Machines

    The more the merrier. PCs lose value quickly as newer, faster hardware makes yesterday's screamer tomorrow's word processor. If you choose to dedicate machines to specific areas of your studio, they will have greater staying power and be able to stay on top of their function more readily - one for sequencer/mixer, one for VSTi's, one for Giga or Kontakt, one for the internet, one for business, pretty soon you can save on your heating bills as well...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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