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Topic: XP Services!

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    XP Services!

    Here's a word to the wise! I have 3 DAW's that are rock solid. I had turned off all but 7 services. The DAW's are connected to the internet for Software Registration purposes and also upgrades. The service that I have still enabled are: (and according to www.blackviper.com)

    DHCP Client
    Event Log
    Plug and Play
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Windows Audio
    Windows Installer (Manual)
    Windows Management Instrumentation

    These are the only ones you need if this is used only as a DAW.
    NOW, I have left out one IMPORTANT thing!

    GigaStudio will not open!!
    According to www.blackviper.com, this service is not needed.

    "No. This service is installed if you use "Swish" (swishzone.com). It is required to start up the program, otherwise an error about writing to a memory location pops up. Set this to Disabled until you need it. Note: If set to "Manual," this service will NOT start on its own (thus the error message)."

    DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! LOl I've just wasted 2 days of troubleshooting!


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    Re: XP Services!

    I have GS3, and the Win XP service I have running on my machine is "crypserv.exe", which is part of the CrypKey security software package:



    What leads you to believe this has something to do with Swish/com?

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    Re: XP Services!

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Hines
    What leads you to believe this has something to do with Swish/com?

    The "Swish.com" quote came off the www.blackviper.com website.

    I went through all the services, disabaling 5 at a time, and tried opening GigaStudio on each boot. Everytime I disable the "Crypkey License", I can not open GigaStudio. Also, "Crypkey License" only shows up on my Giga machine. I have 5 other computers/DAW's running XP with various programs.


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    Re: XP Services!

    I would assume that GS3 uses the Crypkey security (copy protection) system (if GS fails when removed).

    Swish may also use that same security system.

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    Re: XP Services!

    If you're running any kind of hardware dongle you'll also need to leave the "Portable Media Serial Number" enabled.
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    Re: XP Services!

    Thank you for this list of services! I have saved it for future reference and will try out next time I face a problem.

    GS3 most definitely uses the CrypKey protection system. I'm surprised Swish uses it, but there ya go.

    For a great site to help clarify the use and possible importance of Windows XP services, go here:


    Just type in the name of the service into the Google site search box at the top right. It will return a page where the service name, function, dependencies, and general importance is listed. Very useful!
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