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Topic: Survival experiences...

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    Survival experiences...

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    Has anyone ever had an interesting experience outdoors that required some good survival skills?
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Survival experiences...

    I had to go pee, and there wasn't a toilet around, so I did it against a tree!


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    Re: Survival experiences...

    This isn't about survival in the wild and this happened back in 1977. I was attending a class in NYC in July when the lights went out (one of the great blackouts). I lived in the suburbs of Connecticut and all the trains within NY and to the suburbs were (and still are) electric. I was on East 23rd St and the only person I knew in the city lived on West 106th St. So I prayed and felt a presence come to me and beckon me to follow. I realized we were headed to Grand Central Terminal, but couldn't figure out why, still I went. When we got there I inquired, "What now?" The presence pointed to the pay phones and I heard in my mind, "Call your friend." He answered having just arrived home. He said, "Take the Broadway bus, it goes right past where you are." A while later I was safe in his apartment. The wild part was being serenaded by the sound of breaking glass all night as the looters went wild. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that none of that happened during the most recent blackout.



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    Re: Survival experiences...

    LOL. Now I'm starting to see the charm in off topic.



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    Re: Survival experiences...

    Many years ago I met a woman who flew small planes and I asked her on a date. To my delight she accepted. The deal was, I'd take her to dinner and pay expenses, and she'd fly us from Brackett Field in Pomona to the restaurant in Santa Barbara. My fantasy, of course, was that the plane wouldn't be able to fly back that night, and we'd have to spend the night together. Be careful with wishes!

    We arived at the airport safely, walked to the Elephant Bar, where we had an alchohol-free dinner, walked to the beach where we kicked off our shoes and ran through the surf. It was great!

    We already had the tanks filled before returning to the plane. After completing the checklist, we were back in the air.

    For some reason we had to keep adjusting the squelch level on our headphones downwards. A few miles later we noticed that the fuel gauges were reading low. We were using VOR to set our trajectory. My date then noticed that the compass and the VOR didn't agree. We were heading too far north - possibly straight into the mountains. We had a serious electrical problem. (Or so we hoped, given the falling fuel gauges.)

    Fortunately, it was clear and there was a moon, so we were able to follow some roads. Before long we figured out that we were on the wrong side of the San Gabriel mountains. We were far enough along that we figured that we would go around Cajon Pass.

    We made it around the mountains successfully, and headed toward Brackett Field. We could see it clearly. Just as we started our approach, we hit dew point, and we were surrounded in fog. By this point we had no electricity, no radio, no lights no instruments. Thank goodness that the engine runs on dual magnetos, and that the control surfaces are manual.

    We pulled up out of the fog, using the compass to ensure that we didn't drift towards the mountains. Fortunately, we could see Cable Field in Upland. It has an Air Force beacon, and can be seen for miles. We made it to the airstrip, and landed smoothly enough. The blue lights were on, but the runway was pitch black, as we had no lights.

    We shared a good night kiss, but more memorable was the long survivor's hug. Whew!

    We dated one more time (where she told me that the voltage regulator in the Cessna 152 had failed), but I realized that she would always love flying more than she would ever love me. But we both had a nice dinner, punctuated with a story that neither of us will ever forget.


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    Re: Survival experiences...

    A classic reply would have been, "cool, I called the Sheriff's Department to come get you, too..."


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    Re: Survival experiences...

    Quote Originally Posted by Danimal
    Has anyone ever had an interesting experience outdoors that required some good survival skills?
    Yea...sept 11, 2001, WTC Plaza.

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    Re: Survival experiences...

    Hey Jon,

    Here's my chance to brag and be sexist.....I went through the University of North Dakota aviation program. Believe it or not, it's the best in the country, and is considered the "Haaaahhhhhrrrvard of the air", with a close second going to Embry Riddle. Most all of my scary experiences flying have been with women pilots and instructors. Obviously, all women pilots aren't bad, and there are some very bad male pilots, but wow. <<<disclaimer...just my experience though, I know some good women pilots.... I think. >>>>...besides, an alcohol free dinner?? What kind of pilot doesn't drink???


    It sounds like you need one of my custom made survival kits. I think we're gonna hit the Boundary Waters this summer for a week. When I get hungry out there and the fish aren't biting, I eat bark.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Survival experiences...

    UND, cool.

    Actually, my date was an awesome pilot. She had her instrument rating and was two weeks away from her instructors license. It was her life, as much a music is for many of us here.

    She was totally competent from the first item on the checklist to the last. And to practice her instructor's skills she let me take off - always with a hand near the yoke and both feet near the rudder. That rocked!

    When we realized that we were in trouble, she kept a totally cool head. And she was prepared. She had not one, but two flashlights in her case, as well as everything we would need for navigation and such.

    I also learned something from the experience. First, I kept my mouth shut while she was figuring stuff out. Second, after she had things stable, I'd ask simple questions, rather than make assertions, to share my observations and make sure that she had covered all the options and possibilities. She had. And she made great decisions under pressure.

    I've known women (including my wife) for whom operating complex machinery is not their forte. But I'm hoping that my date from long ago is currently piloting people and their families across the skies. She was tops!


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    Re: Survival experiences...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Were you really there? Why don't you post some of your experiences --- I'd like to hear them, if it's not too painful for you.

    Yes Ern, I was there. For the entire bloody day. I've posted here before about it. But, I haven't shared the most intimate details of it..save for very few people. It should suffice to say...that I was out of work for nearly 3 months and I had to delete a whole lot of contacts out of my address book.

    There is "nothing" that prepares you for such a thing. There is no cognitive process for that. It's all reaction. And it wasn't like I made well trained or even good decisions. But, somehow..I managed to get through it all. I have no idea why or how really. Living with it afterwards...has been the hardest part.

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