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Topic: Free octave piano !!

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    Talking Free octave piano !!

    I was messing around on my old keyboard with It's onboard sounds and came across a sound called octpiano, It's a wonderful sound and probably one of my favourite from the old thing, Anyhoo I started wondering if I could recreate the sound in GPO, and I think I've done it ! Load two steinway piano lite's or full depending on your ram, make sure there both on the same midi channel then change one of the piano's tune dial to -12.00 st, There you go ! new piano sound for free ! It's pretty close to the keyboard sound but more real in GPO. Also try changing the tune dial to 12.00 st instead of -12.00 st for different results.

    Now to try and make the piano sound like electric guitar !lol

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    A while back I did the same to achieve a honky tonk piano sound for Scott Joplin's "Bethena". Two Grand Lites on separate tracks midi to same channel and one was detuned a bit, added a bit of chorus and thar she blow! Arrrrrrr, thar be a Harnky Tarnk Pianie Matey!

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