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Topic: Standard MIDI channel setup for orchesta?

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    Standard MIDI channel setup for orchesta?

    I was wondering if there was any generally accepted standard way to set a sampler up for orchestra type work? I'm thinking about being able to share MIDI files with more people and it would seem that if people put instruments at the same place it would work easier.

    Are there any threads or docs aroung on this? Certainly it needs to go beyond what type of sampler an individual has and what library anyone is using and just be a document of general guidance.


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    Re: Standard MIDI channel setup for orchesta?

    Hey Marc,

    If you want a -really- general orchestra setup i suppose you would have to go with GM = 127 instruments only etc .

    If you want a more platform specific one like EWQLSO Gold on Sonar for example , you could send any song you like and know it will sound the same but the receiver must have the same combo of samples / sequencer .

    Another way is to send the .mid file , but with each channel named to the corresponding sample set ( 18 Violins Sus Vib etc ) .

    Generally , i think the best for redistributing midi files is to have 32 channels of GM on two different midi ports -> A usually common setup for every music computer .

    So what you do :

    Make your song like you always do , afterwards save it as *.mid and set every channel to the closest GM sound you can find ( Violins Staccato = No 48 ) ( Violins Vibrato = No 48 ) etc .

    Hope this helps
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: Standard MIDI channel setup for orchesta?

    You can't add yourself to your own buddy list?
    That stinks!

    Oh well!

    I usually put the channels in score order.

    That's all,

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