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Topic: R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter

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    R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter

    R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter
    A double reed pipe from a bagpipe, sustains including drones

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    Re: R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter

    How do you keep cranking these out?? You're a machine.
    Some experts learn more and more about less and less, until at last they know everything there is about nothing at all.

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    Re: R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter

    Yeah you crank these out so fast i dont even have the time to test them all out. Keep up the great work! And dont ever slow down!

    You da MAN!

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    Re: R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter

    Yes, thanks again Herman. I implore everyone to pop 30 bucks into his account for being so generous.

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    Re: R.A.W.Bagpipe Chanter

    Thanks guys

    Please note that there is almost 300 megs of samples for download now. Thanks to the previous donations I was able to pay for the additional bandwidth , and new donations would be used to get new instruments to sample.

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