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Topic: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

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    Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    Did anyone see this demo at NAMM? I was curious what you thought?
    I'm also trying to find any demos or news of when it will be released.
    I checked out the Umbershall site and there was no mention of a release date or any demos that I could find.



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    Re: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    Same here.

    I have been digging and digging and digging, and nothing...

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    Re: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    The NAMM announcement mentions:

    - Liquid Sax and Liquid Electric Bass should reach US market in March 2005
    - Retail $169
    - Best Service: WorldWide Distributor
    - East-West: US Distributor


    I would assume you will see it first on the SoundsOnline website

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    Re: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    Thanks Martin.

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    Re: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    thanks Martin:

    Did either of you happen to see any demos of the software?



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    Re: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    Liquid Saxaphone and Liquid Bass are now listed in SoundOnline's "website:

    Liquid Sax: 3-21-05, $200

    Liquid Bass: 4-25-05, $ 200

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    Re: Liquid Sax- Any info yet?

    I received the following email from Ueberschall regarding Liquid Sax:

    Hi Tom,

    thank you for your interest in Liquid Sax!

    A realistic release date would be more like beginning of april, I am afraid. Also, we don't yet have audio or video demos available. Sorry...

    Best regards,
    ueberschall team

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