1. A GPO - Audigy 4/Pro Card User was having difficulty whereby the A4/P randomly caused severe distortion (a sound rather like excessive aliasing). The problem was particularly severe before or after plugging/unplugging headphones, though it could also occur randomly.

The problem appeared to be related to speaker configuration settings and to speaker-headphone switching: if the automatic headphone detection was disabled in the A4/P control panel, the problem did not occur.

2. Latest updates from Creative Labs [downloaded 2/20/2005] for the A4/P were installed. This corrected the noise problem. Headphone detection now works, as well; however, if headphones are plugged in when the system boots, it will randomly fail to detect them.

3. The latest A4/P updates, however, caused another severe problem: the system would either fail to shut down, or stall for over two minutes. The source of this problem was found to be Creative Labs' DLLML.exe (this is their module loader). The kludge to fix it is to use Start>Run and open msconfig, then uncheck (disable) the start-up for the DLLML.exe. Overall, this appears to have no ill effect on services; other than apparently disabling the use of the A4/P remote control.


As shipped, recent versions of Creative Labs Audigy 4/Pro appears to have a severe bug related to speaker configuration settings and headphone detection which results in severe distortion with the GPO Studio Kontakt player(s). To correct this, download the latest updates from Creative Labs, and also disable the Creative Labs DLLML.exe via Start>Run msconfig.