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Topic: Space the last frontier

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    Space the last frontier

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    What is the likely hood that space will be used for strategic purposes by the U.S.A ?

    or is it already underway.

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    Re: Space the last frontier

    It's been underway for some time.

    There have been experiements with lasers in space - so satellites can take out other satellites, and maybe even targets on Earth. Satellites are used for surveilence and have been for years.

    When Bush decided to kill much of the unmanned stuff and talked about going back to the moon and on towards Mars, you don't think he was serious, do you? No, he wants to restructure NASA so money can be spent on new things that are above board, but not fully scrutinized.

    There are a couple of examples from the submarine world. In one case the US Govt made a big deal about a new sub being built for rescuing sailors from sub accidents. It's a feel good project, no? But it was really for breaking into Soviet subs, in case one of those sank.

    Another example was a high-profile project led by Howard Hughes to mine ore from the deep sea. A huge vessel was built with giant cables and winches. Gee, there must be lots of gold or diamonds down there. Naw, they were mining sunken Soviet subs. In one case it went after an extremely deep sunken sub. They got it about half way up before it broke in two. A nuclear missile fell out of one of the tubes and hit the sea floor, but thankfully, didn't explode. They were able to get part of the sub, but it is said that they didn't get much value from it. The US Govt funded the project, but Howard Hughes played the good American in lending his name to the project to help create a front.

    Bush wants to go to Mars? No way. He wants to arm space - the ultimate high ground.

    BTW, there are now plans for a research vehicle that will use nuclear power. They claim that Solar power isn't enough, and that nuclear is key. They have to go through many agencies to make this happen. It will take lots of time, energy and patience. Somehow I don't think that this is about batteries for a planetary Tonka Truck.

    BTW, the quote is "Space, the final frontier" (tm).


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    Re: Space the last frontier

    Yo Jon

    What prompted my post was reading some stuff about the militarisation of space, scary stuff.


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    Re: Space the last frontier

    I think the only really scaring thing is what they have to do to human beings to make them space worthy. Weapons in space doesn't scare me that much because we already have weapons that can wipe out all of human life right here on earth.

    But have you ever thought about what they would have to do to the human body to make it last in space for more than a month or two?

    That they're starting to do genetic experiements to manufacture a body that can withstand more g-force on earth and that can withstand more time in a zero-g environment is truly frightening. That and a combination of coma inducing drugs so that troops can stand to be in space for months, and months and months is the real frightening thing that's coming out of the space program.

    Any volunteers for drug induced comas and gentically mutated bodies? Call your local airforce



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