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Topic: how 'reputation' works???

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    how 'reputation' works???

    There's something wrong in this forum: the reputation field doesn't get added correctly. Not to claim anything special, but my own profile is the only one I can see: I have a list of 'reputation' comments that should add up to a multi-star participant around here -- but the software shows my 'reputation points' as adding up to only 10 -- and it doesn't change as others add to it.

    How do the many-starred developers get their multiple stars???? Something very fishy about this, o papa.

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    Re: how 'reputation' works???

    All I know is, I went from 5 stars to "an unknown quantity" when they upgraded the forum.. LOL.
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    Re: how 'reputation' works???

    ...I could tell you how to fix that, but you must promise to use your powers for good rather than evil

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    Re: how 'reputation' works???

    What, create a new account and vote for myself? Nah, thats cool...

    Im not that concerned with reputation, just thought it weird when they all changed so dramatically.
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    Re: how 'reputation' works???

    All the stars were deleted when we switched accounts over - all the developers were GIVEN their 5 star status. The only person to earn his out right was Ash (KI).
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    Question Re: how 'reputation' works???

    Is it possible to have a negative reputation rating? I think I'm headed in that direction.



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