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Topic: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

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    Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Hopefully you've all noticed the banner on this site, but I wanted to make an official announcement about Virtual Instruments magazine ("the world of softsynths and samplers").

    As you members of the choir know very well, V.I.s have changed the way music is created, in fact they've created a whole new musical medium. The enthusiastic sub-culture of musicians and developers that's sprung up around these tools is spread out all over the world - more so than I fully realized before seeing who's subscribing.

    (Would anyone have known that such exotic places as Holland, Scandinavia, and Austria still exist before all this? And had anyone heard of the tiny island of Australia?)

    About a year ago, it dawned on me that we deserve our own magazine. And as an enthusiastic V.I. user who’s dabbled a little in magazine editing (I was the editor of Recording magazine for 10-1/2 years), I felt qualified to be the one to spearhead it.

    The idea is to help V.I. users get the most out of their set-ups, whether they're high-end people running multiple-computer rigs or newcomers who caught the bug from GarageBand. So I’ve put together a truly world-class team of writers, including some whose names you’ll recognize as having been cherry-picked from here, and others you’ll recognize from other places.

    The articles these guys have written are terrific. Yeah I’m prejudiced, but it’s going to be a great magazine.

    And now, without further ado, I cordially invite you to check out our website (www.Virtualinstrumentsmag.com) for more information. There you’ll find a 95% accurate cover and table of contents for our first issue, due in April. If you like what you see, please support the magazine by subscribing.

    Thanks very much to those of you who have already done so, and may we please have a round of applause for Papa and De for hosting such a great forum.

    Yours, NB

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    By the way, we're still figuring out how to deliver international subscriptions. Hopefully we can do it for the same price as U.S. ones, but we may not know for a couple of days.

    Please email subscribe@Virtualinstrumentsmag.com if you're interested, and we'll get back to you with details ASAP.

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Nick, I was in the VSL demo both at NAMM when you came in and I saw "Virtual Instruments Magazine" on you name tag (unless I had convention overload at that time) I've been searching for it for awhile, ahh... its all very clear now....

    looking forward to it,

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    And had anyone heard of the tiny island of Australia?
    Careful Nick, Im thinking about subscribing!

    Congratulations to you on the release of the magazine.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Thumbs up Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Hello Nick!

    Congratulations and good luck!

    It looks like you have assembled a great team!

    I look forward to reading the first issue!

    Best regards,
    Al J.
    Sonic Implants

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Congratulations - you can count on EASTWEST's support.

    - Doug

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Hey Nick,

    I have made several attempts at subscribing but the site keeps telling me that I left out credit card info, which I did not, and sends me back to square one. Frustrating. Anyway, I guess I'll have to call you. Best of luck with the magazine -- great idea!

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Hello Nick!
    I thought maybe that was you (from Recording mag) awhile back but never asked...I've been a reader of Recording for years, even when you were at the helm...I see you've pulled on many of your contacts of ridiculously intelligent and informative comrades for your endeavor and will be subscribing like...NOW!...Congrats and Good Luck on the premiere!...moon

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    King Idiot wrote an article! Seeing that name on a magazine cover makes me smile.

    I am terribly new to soft synths (I own only Silver, Atmosphere, and Kontakt with SISS MINI). And I do not feel that I am using them to their fullest potential. One of my goals here at Berklee (the school I am attending and that I should be doing ear training work for right now) is to master the use of my soft synths, and eventually be able to use the top libraries as adeptly as the professionals. But I find that helpful articles, and books on this topic are very sparce. I am getting along fine just playing with my soft synths, but not as fast as I would like. Hopefully your magazine will help me with that. You can expect a call tomorrow morning! (You can expect that call because apparently PayPal does not accept American Express?? )

    The only dissapointing thing I see in this first issue is a review of Collossus but not of RA?! (Well, I guess it doesn't matter - I don't have the money for RA, anyway! )

    Another incentive that would make a subscription to this magazine not only worthwhile but essential for VI users, would be if it had occassional group-buy type offers. But I'm sure you've thought of promotions and things along those lines already!

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    Re: Virtual Instruments magazine announcement

    Thanks very much, everybody.

    cKaz, the answer is Both - you must surely have had convention overload, and that was me.

    aplanchard, yeah, I truly apologize for the temporary #%)(*#$ Paypal solution. Please email us at subscribe@Virtualinstrumentsmag.com and I'll sort it out. We're going to set up a professional processing system as soon as possible. It's driving me nuts too.

    Thanks Al, and I appreciate it very much, Doug.

    Moon, I forgive you for reading Recording while I was there. Don't feel bad.

    Scott, I hope your shrimp didn't burn, mate.

    MwaileyBear, fellow Berklee person, we'll certainly cover both. Part of the fuzzy 5% of the TOC is which products are going to be ready in time. The articles there are all real, but we won't know for certain how many editorial pages we have until closer to print time, so the other part of the 5% is that some things may get bumped until next issue - or conversely, we may have room for more yet. (Is this adding up to more than 100%? )

    The idea of a group buy as successful as EWQLSO Gold is very appealing indeed. However, I'm afraid that people would point at me and laugh, given the $12.95/1-year or $20/2-year price. That just about covers the cost of delivery - we wanted to make the price as low as possible so it's a no-brainer.

    But there may be some added promotional perks, and early subscribers won't be left out. Can't promise anything yet, though.

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