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Topic: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

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    M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault


    Hi. Two months ago I identified an issue withe the new GSIF 2 drivers for GigaStudio 3 as implemented by M-Audio for the Audiophile 192 card. The fault is that you do not get audio output out of the S/PDIF jacks. Nice huh? S/PDIF was one of the main reasons I purchased the card.

    With the help of Jon Fairhurst on this message board (Thanks again Jon!!!!) we have both verified that we are experiencing the same issue. This would seem to confirm that the issue is in fact genuine and the root cause is a fault in M-audio's driver.

    I am sending this message to the forum for two purposes. First, to alert anyone who has this M-Audio card of the problem and secondly to identify others who have this problem. It maybe a problem that you don't know you have if you are not using these ports. If you can check please do so. Jon wrote up an excellent process he used for checking on this and I am including the link here (I hope you don't mind Jon). I would like to identify other effected users to M-audio.


    I have also written a note to M-Audio today about how I have verified the same issue with another user. I will post any updates I get from M-Audio to the forum.


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    I'm happy you included the link. Everything points to a bad GSIF implementation for the Audiophile 192 on the S/PDIF outputs.


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    Oops. It looks like I can't visit that link. It's your private message, so others don't have permission to view it. Feel free to copy and paste...


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    Here is Jon's write up on troubleshooting the issue since the link does not work:

    Hi Damian,

    I've verified that Giga says "Analog" in both cases. That doesn't really mean much though. I've seen other cards that had funny labels due to Windows limitations, but they worked just fine.

    I enabled both sets (Analog 1/2 and Analog 3/4) and set up Giga to use them. When I play the meters on both outputs work fine. However, in the Delta driver mixer window, it doesn't show any activity for Wave Out S/PDIF. Wave Out 1/2 shows the expected activity.

    Keep in mind that my S/PDIF output isn't connected to anything, so it's possible that the AP192 knows that and disables its output meters.

    I did another test. I recorded two tracks in my sequencer. I routed the first Giga output to 1/2 and the second to 3/4. I then did a capture to wave, and it worked fine. I got two wave recordings, and they both had the expected content.

    It seems that Giga is working perfectly. There are two possibilities with the AP192. First, the driver might be hosed. Second, the driver may require that the output be connected to a valid receiver. In that case it may be that your receiver is bad, or you have a bad cable. There's also the issue of consumer S/PDIF vs. pro. I looked at the advanced settings, and they shouldn't matter.

    BTW, I have the patchbay set with HW Out S/PDIF set to WavOut S/PDIF.

    Okay, I tried connecting the S/PDIF out to the S/PDIF input, then I set Sonar to record from the S/PDIF input. Still I got nothing.

    Next I put an audio track in Sonar and sent it to the S/PDIF output. I recorded the S/PDIF input to another track. It worked perfectly.

    So, what I have deduced is that the GSIF implementation of the M-Audio driver for the S/PDIF output is broken. Giga works perfectly. Sonar works fine with the ASIO drivers (or whatever it uses). My hardware is functional. But the GSIF driver for S/PDIF is faulty.

    Please put the ball in M-Audio's court.

    I was about to ask if this was helpful, but I'll assume that it is... Glad to lend a hand!


    Originally Posted by Daysean2

    Thanks for your reply! If you have a chance, take a look at your system settings in G3 and take note of what the outputs are listed as, are they both listed as analog? Tascam says they shouldn't be....they said that it is probably a bad GSIF driver implementation by M-audio. I'm either trying to build a case to take to m-audio, or to go back to the drawing board and do further research to see why my particular implementation is listing it incorrectly. If your not at the computer right now don't worry about. See if you can check it out when you can. Tascam said they have not heard anyone having the issue..but that the new drivers were preety new and maybe no one else has reported it yet. I went over all the mixer settings with M-audio over the phone so I think I have that covered at this point. Thanks for any help you can provide. Damian

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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    Hi again,

    M-Audio has finally agreed to test the S/PDIF with GigaStudio. Maybe we will get some where now and hopefully this week. I will post any updates ASAP.

    Thanks, Damian

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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    Hi again,

    I'm sorry to say that M-Audio is really dragging there heels on this. Is it too much to ask to stick a Audiophile 192 card into a computer, buy and install a copy of GigaStudio 3 and attach the card to an S/PDIF device????? Repeated calls and e-mails have only meet with "Ah, that is for are R&D department which is in a separate office which we do not have access to." Or, "please forward the full history of your issue to us". I mean, really, M-Audio doesn't even have trouble tickets to track issues. No wonder each time I call/write I have to agonizingly explain the issue over and over again. Maybe it is growing pains for them??? Also, it is really sad when I know more about this stuff then the technical support because I know next to nothing!!

    Anyway, my last e-mail I have sent today is just asking if they can at least tell me if they have reproduced the issue. since it is saturday I won't probably hear anything until next week, if I hear anything at all. Buyer beware of M-Audio. So far I think there company is terrible.


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    I used to use an M-Audio TDIF card a few years back and recall the behavior you describe on the spidif-out. It worked fine feeding a dat machine, a spidif reverb device, or another computer's spidif-in but the output-driver meters showed nothing if no device was connected.

    Recording from spidif was even more restrictive, as documented in the manual. The card had to be set to get clock from spidif-in or you'd get nothing. Meant a hardware device had to be connected to spidif-in and providing clock. And plugging spidif-out directly into spidif-in wouldn't work at all. But what did work was feeding spidif-out to a reverb box and plugging it back to spidif-in. But only if I made the reverb box master and set the card to clock from spidif.

    Hope that's of some relevance.


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    I was able to send audio out the S/PDIF out and back into the S/PDIF in when sending from Sonar and recording into Sonar. So, I've confirmed that it has all of the external stuff it needs to function.

    However, when going from GS3 -> S/PDIF out -> S/PDIF in -> Sonar, I get no result. The GS3 meters show activity, and I can capture the sounds to wave. But the AP 192 card shows no activity on its meters, and nothing gets recorded into Sonar.

    It's pretty clearly a GSIF2 problem with the AP 192 drivers.


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    Sounds like they've attempted to make spdif a little more useful in their newer cards. But might not be all the way there yet. My Delta TDIF manual made no bones about it, saying on pg 13: "In situations where S/PDIF In is being used, the Delta TDIF Audio Card must be configured to get its master clock from the SPIDIF In data stream." Going on to explain this was to make sure you didn't get "pops" in the recording. I just downloaded their Audiophile 192 manual and I don't see that language any more. But I suspect it might be a historical "feature" built into their driver which they haven't completely rooted out yet.


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    Re: M-Audio Audiophile 192 Card - GSIF S/PDIF Fault

    Hey guys, thanks for all the great input. Still no word from M-audio. Also to clarify the situation also is that all other applications work great with the S/PDIF ports on this card. Reason, Guitar Rig, Reaktor, etc all work fine so far via what ever driver, ASIO, DirectX, etc over the S/PDIF port. It is just the GSIF driver it doesn't work with.

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