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Topic: This is how the right get things right

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    This is how the right get things right

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    see through how the right keep using language

    "Lakoff describes himself as a “cognitive activist”. He is interested in the ways the conservative forces in the United States have come to consistently defeat progressives in the realm of language. Briefly we are given a history of the development of right-wing think-tanks, beginning with the Powell memo, written by soon-to-be Supreme Court Judge Lewis Powell in 1971, and culminating with the fact, the author says, that 80% of talking heads on TV are from these think-tanks. “The conservatives support their intellectuals,” Lakoff writes, and the dividends are now evident, leaving progressive forces way behind the 8-ball.

    The key idea he emphasises is that of “frames.” He argues that the Right have mastered the use of frames, and that progressives desperately need to figure out what’s going on or be forced into using their opponent's frames. The title example refers to an impossible exercise. It’s just impossible, upon instruction, to avoid thinking of an elephant. Similarly, when Nixon said to the US, “I am not a crook,” it was inevitable that a huge portion of his audience would think, “ok, you’re a crook then

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    Re: This is how the right get things right

    Watching you people makes me so happy. It's like the Spike Lee commercials for Nike with Michael Jordan.

    "Is it the shoes?? It's gotta be the shoes!!"

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