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Topic: OK, I just turned down some free work

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    OK, I just turned down some free work

    Hi guys, Kind of a follow up post to the "career advice" thread. Great discussion and even though I was a little adamant about my right to work for free I did a lot of thinking about the issue....

    So, a guy offered me the score for this low budget horror flick ($60,000) That's for the whole movie, try not to laugh. I was thinking if he offered me maybe $4000 I'd do it, what the hell, what else am I doing? Besides I figured I could do a lot of Ambient/Industrial sound design cues, get in and out quick, and not make it my life's work.

    Well he offers me $3000 but I only get it if he sells the movie!! The movie's not that good and I doubt if he'll sell it, but what do I know? Anyway, I tell him that if I'm willing to take that big a risk on the front end I want maybe $10k if he sells it. But he says that's not going to happen.

    I'm going on here a little longer than I'd intended but all I really wanted to say was that some of you guys converted the way I'm thinking about these issues now, and I'm feeling pretty good about not working for absolutely nothing.

    It's just like a lot of you said. I felt that there was no respect at all coming from this guy. He had $60k, spent it all, and then started looking for a composer. It kind of ticked me off. I've got a pretty steep note to cover to keep me and my studio liquid and dammit I want/need to get paid.

    Yeah, we have to train these jokers.

    Michael Telle
    Bay Area

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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    Hi, Im not sure if this was mentioned before, but what if you had of taken this gig and then a paying gig turned up? Imagine slaving halfway through a freebie and you're knocking back paying work!!

    You'd be kicking yourself Im sure. You made the right decision.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    You did the best thing for yourself and that filmmaker and other composers. Send a message. No more crappy deals!!



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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    Kudos to you! I hope that every decent composer in your area turns him down as well!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    Never work for free unless it's your own project!
    Why slave away your time for free for someone else when you could be looking for paying work or working on your own projects?

    Never work for free! Repeat continually............................


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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work


    Good move!


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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    Good for you, and good for composers everywhere!

    Just remember it's not just the investment in equipment you've made, but a massive investment of time and money in your musical education. That knowledge is worth something before you even sit down and write a single note.


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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    There's probably about three million other composers that will do it..

    Do you have his phone number ?

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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    Hints of incompetence:

    1. You have to wonder about someone who spends $60,000 to make a movie that he hasn't sold. It's not the amount of money - $60k is nothing for development - it's that the method seems incompetent.

    2. You have to wonder about someone who doesn't budget for post-production.

    3. There's a huge difference between offering someone even $500 for a score and offering them a carrot on a string. Even a little bit of money makes it a professional situation, and a producer should understand that.

    On the other hand, Spike Lee put his first movie "She's Gotta Have It" on a credit card, so there are always exceptions.

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    Re: OK, I just turned down some free work

    At my alma mater it was called 'Berklee Scale'. "We'll call you if we get the gig..."

    I'd rather go bowling than spin my wheels with that crap (and I have told potential clients that in those exact words). Let somebody else shorten their life working that way.

    Good move.

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