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Topic: Using Demo version in production?

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    Using Demo version in production?

    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on using demo instruments in productions?

    Do companies have different policies on this? I haven't been able to find any specific restriction warnings or anything. Most demo versions have the standard lisence text on their software instruments, but nothing specific about whether or not I'm allowed to use the demo sounds within a production, even if it within the trial period or otherwise (if the demo only contains a couple of demo instruments with no trial period).

    Has anyone got any info on this?


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    Lightbulb Re: Using Demo version in production?

    Good point. There was a "Virtual Instruments Collection" CD distributed with EWQLSO/Gold. It seems to be a "tasting" of 2 or 3 instruments/combo from each of the "Zero-G" collections.

    As I did not see an prominent restriction about using those sounds in any distributed production, there would seem to be none unless it is explicitly stated.

    Other opinions?


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    Re: Using Demo version in production?

    You are allowed to use the Vocaloid Demo version in any production you make . But they state it clearly in the Zero-G website ( more than a couple of times ) .

    Would they not state it in other companies as well ? Not sure on this one !
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    Re: Using Demo version in production?

    Don't know if this helps, but when I was at NAMM, VSL (I believe) was passing out demo sample disks. The guy who handed it to me said, "Hey, it's free and you can always use more samples, right?"

    So I would take that as permission to use the samples in my work. But I wouldn't be surprised if every developer takes a different view on this.
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    Re: Using Demo version in production?

    Well, unless it's clearly stated, I guess it couldn't hurt to drop a little mail off to the developers to make sure.

    Would be nice if all demo versions were free to use, though. There's always that one time when you get a demo version of something that just fits perfectly in your current production, hehe.

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    Re: Using Demo version in production?

    I think if you can get enough out of the demo to put it in your production, go for it! Most demos are so limited that I don't see how most of them can be useful, but occasionally there are a few.

    I would be interested to see what some developers think about this.
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