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Topic: GPO Advanced

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    GPO Advanced

    Guys and Gals,
    I'm using Giga3 right now, and would like to dabble with GPO and was wondering when the ETA of GPO Advanced will hit the streets ?.....I am of the opininon that a program that is easy to use will have me createing more music than a program that is harder to use.....I am just gettting started in the Virtual Music realm, and I am trying out everything that's out there to see which program I like the best , and is easiest to work with ... I'm also impressed with the Compossers Channel, and the works that I am hearing on there from GPO users....The whole tone of the GPO forum just seems like an easy going bunch of folks making music ...I must admit, I'm an inquiring mind, and I want to join the rest of you .... I'm really getting tired of technology getting in the way of making music ....Keeping it simple works very well for me...
    Thanks in advance......Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: GPO Advanced

    Someone else is seeing the light. Technology should never get in the way of creativity.

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    Re: GPO Advanced


    This is only speculation on my part, so take it with a grain of salt. My understanding is that Gary & Co. are working on getting the Jazz library out first. I believe they're trying to get that library ready for a 2nd quarter release. Hopefully. No official dates released yet.

    That means that the advanced GPO library would come after that. If we're lucky, maybe that's early summer. If not, later in the year.

    I recommend jumping in and getting GPO right now. The advanced GPO will contain all of the current GPO instruments as well as new ones. So by getting GPO now, you can upgrade to the advanced when released, there will be an upgrade path to the advanced library, and you'll be able start having fun and making music right away.


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    Re: GPO Advanced

    Join the club and buy GPO now. That way you can almost throw technology to the wind, start creating great music and share it with us. I'm sure that when the advanced version is released that Gary will make us all an offer that we can't refuse and the upgrade path will be swell.


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    Re: GPO Advanced

    I think you guy's have the right idea.....The price is more than affordable, and with upgrade pricing in the future, it's a no brainer ....Thanks for the input...
    I look forward to posting some music, almost as much as I will enjoy makeing it .....Thanks again....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: GPO Advanced

    I just ordered it !!....Am I now an official member ?..... ......Jim

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    Re: GPO Advanced

    Quote Originally Posted by synthnut
    I just ordered it !!....Am I now an official member ?..... ......Jim
    Let me be the first to wish you a hearty WELCOME to the community! Wish you every success and a LOT of fun with the GPO!


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    Re: GPO Advanced

    Welcome aboard Synthut

    Like you, I believe that technology shouldn't get in the way of creativity. And for that GPO is certainly the best that I've come across. Add to that Mr Garritan's enthusiasm and commitment to his customers, and you can't go wrong.

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    Re: GPO Advanced

    Hi Jim we met over there on the Giga thread, you will love GPO, well, I sure do, I have Giga too!

    you are very welcome here, GPO user or not.


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    Talking Re: GPO Advanced

    Welcome aboard. You now have only a few days until your package arrives... Tell the family goodbye for a while, friends will no longer matter...it's an addiction!


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