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Topic: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

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    Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    I thought I would introduce myself and ask a question.

    My son is 15 plays electric guitar, my wife is a very good piano player, My daughter is at the UofM going for a music major (clarinetbflat/Sax) and I keep trying to make music the triditional way of actually playing the instrument but alas I don't have the skill required. I do have a good ear though... and I know what sounds good.

    As a programmer from back in the commodore 64 days, i use to write assembly code and machine code before that when i created the IEA editor assembler to use to write games for commodore. So i come from a programming background.

    I have cakewalk/acid bought a few years ago but I was never satisfied with any sounds I made through midi. My Son would not even look at midi because he had the impression it sucked.

    So I listened to sonicfoundrys strings one day last year and it was in the back of my mind. My son wanted a synth and we decided on Reason and I bought a new computer/m-audio card, keyboard, the works.

    Then I bought GS3 and after getting that to work I stumbled into GPO. Just installed it last night. Loaded up a cello sound bank started playing and water came out my eyes, yes at 47 I can still cry.

    Anyway I will be hanging around here for a while. Looking forward to learning the intricate methods to create live sounding compositions that I have heard many of you create. I could use a smattering of small midi files that run under cubasis/GPO as samples of how great sound is created with these tools.

    My question relates to making my own sound banks. I would like to find a program that splits wave files into slices to work on layering sounds with my gigastudio editor. I just bought what I thought was a stand alone beatslicer from fruitloops, but their mirror site is down and I bet I threw out another 35 bucks to the wind. I was thinking of programming my own on C but I thought I would see if anyone here has worked with this stuff.


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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    Hi and welcome,

    Not knowing exactly what you want to do in regards to slicing but there are several available. Recycle, Phatmatik Pro and Intakt are 3. Try checking them out. I'm sure that each has a demo available which allows you to try it before you buy.


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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    Quote Originally Posted by metron9
    I would like to find a program that splits wave files into slices to work on layering sounds with my gigastudio editor.
    I am a little confused also. The "slicing" programs that are mentioned are designed to "slice up" audio "groove" loops into pieces that can be rearranged or used "as-is" to use at different tempos.

    For example, I may have a .wav file that is an audio file of a 4-bar drum rhythm passage, originally played at a tempo of 120 BPM. I can use one of these "slicing" tools to create a series of new files (with associated midi notes) to be able to use those sounds at a tempo of 160 BPM.

    The Propellerhead website does a good job explaining how their ReCycle program works:

    If you are talking about individual note samples that one would map across the keys of a keyboard (like to create a "multisample" guitar sound), then you can create and edit those samples within the sampler itself (edit within GigaStudio) or use a program like Sony Sound Forge.

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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    I have not yet tried recording from the giga editor but to but confusion to rest this is what I planned to do, actually the Brother Gregory vst that comes with GPO is an example. I know a pretty good opra singer that has a four octave range I think I can get too lay down some sound. My thinking was to record each note into one wave file for each volicity layer and then slice it up with a program that could read a txt file I would make with the note name i.e. "C4" so I could use the wizard in giga to map the keyboard. If I am a bit confusing just remember I got GPO last night and well it was 5:30am before I went to sleep...
    Maby giga has a step recorder or slicer but that's next on my list after I play the cello a bit.

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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    Oops forgot, I have sound forge too, so I have manually sliced up the sound but if I am looking at mapping 48 notes with 5 volicity layers and perhaps a round robin say 3 samples per, that's 48 x 5 x 3 to cut up by hand.

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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    Some less expansive options

    Beat Slicer at the Fruity Loops web site it costs just $35....slices lets your rearrange manually or by random sort the slices, or save them to wav.
    It is a smaller version of the more complete Beat Creator which is $100 and lets you edit the slices with filters and fx processing.

    Another inexpensive item is Microdicer for $40....it lets you edit pitch, drag n drop wav or midi data into your sequencer.....maps the slices across the keyboard.

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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    You might want to check out WaveKnife:



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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    Wow! Thanks Yoss! That Waveknife program sounds like it's a huge timesaver when you have to extract the individual samples from audio sample CDs. I wish I had this a long time ago.

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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    Ditto WOW! have not rried it yet but it is almost exactly what I was looking for. If it had a box to include a text file it could read from to name the resulting files it would be a snap to use gigas wizard to map the entire keyboard with 88 sounds in 12 velocitys if you wanted. I guess that's one reawson I dont program stuff like this because sombody has done it already.

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    Re: Slicing Software and Hi I am new here.

    On the subject touched on above, does anyone recommend a program that quickly batch renames files for getting wavs ready for the Giga wizard??

    (Meaning, how do you guys batch rename wavs to have them map out in the Giga Wizard).

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