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Topic: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes

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    Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes

    I'm using Bardstown Audio's Bosendorfer samples. Outstanding quality.

    I'd like to be able to play bass notes more softly than is now possible. Some of these notes are too loud in the song that I've recorded, and even lowering them manually in Halion does not reduce the volume to the level I want. Is it possible to change the volume of individual notes?

    I'd like to preserve dynamic range. There are times when I do want a loud bass.

    Recording apps are Cubase 2.0/Halion 2.0 with updates.


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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes

    Well, this sounds like it might be best to fix this one in the mix. Can you route it to an aux input and just lower the volume that way?

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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes


    Double click on the midi track of the piano - that will take you to the midi note by note screen. On the top of the toolbar, you'll see velocity, which will change as you click on each midi note. Adjust the velocity right there on the top tool bar for the note you've clicked on. This will give you what you want if some notes are good and some are bad.

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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes


    Did what you suggested, but the velocity shown in the toolbar of Hal 2.xxx doesn't change when I highlight notes. The number always stays at 100. I tried bringing down to 30 and then playing back the song, but manually changing the velocity number also doesn't affect the overall playback volume.

    Any thought about how I could verify that I've got Hal set up correctly?


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    Cool Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes


    Yikes! I was looking at "ins.velocity" at the very top and completely missed the note by note info. *Will* again.


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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes


    Looks like what can be done with adjusting volume is ultimately limited by the velocity at which layers were sampled. The velocity of the softest layer of the Bardstown Bosie doesn't include ppp, and even reducing the volume setting to 05 doesn't change the minimum volume.


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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes

    Hey David,

    Sorry if this isn't what you need. I was assuming you would be adjusting the velocity in Cubase SX. Are you sequencing? I know exactly what you mean about some notes struck too strongly or too loud. I get what I need by adjusting the velocity in Cubase for the given note(s).


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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes


    Yes, I'm trying to adjust the volume in SX 2.with updates.

    The problem seems to be that the Bardstown Bosie has four dynamic layers, and neither ppp or pp is one of them. So, no matter how low a velocity number I enter, there's a limit to how softly a note will sound.

    This is critical, because the song I'm just starting to market should have some very soft passages. And when I practice, I'd really like to have a full dynamic range to try.


    PS, Sending you a PM with a link, if you'd care to listen.

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    Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes

    Hey David

    It sounds like you need to turn up the DCA Velocity Amount on the ENV/Filter Page to 100% in the Bosendofer Program in Halion.

    All the best

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    Question Re: Adjusting Volume of Individual Notes

    I was under the general impression that there is a connection between Velocity (0 to 127) and more than just which of the multiple samples is played. For example, one of my sample sets for a grand piano has about 7 samples per note and I assumed that even though two notes would both fall into the range of the sample assigned to cover Velocity 40 to 50 that some automatic compensation would occur in HALion[3] so that three notes (at 40, 45 and 50, for example) would sound slightly different.

    Any real HALion experts around?

    still curious ... KevinKauai

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