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Topic: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

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    Unhappy GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    Hi all,
    2 days ago I had to reinstall GS3. I used GigaClean to remove anything.
    Installation went just fine, but now Giga simply closes or hooks up under special circumstances.
    I can start GS3 without problems, but as soon as I want to use GigaPulse, the problems begin:
    Simply calling up GP often is enough allready to lead to a sytem hang or simply to a poof.
    Sometimes GP starts fine, but trying to remove it from the insert slot -> poof.

    I'm really scared to completely rebuild my system again and again, cause I do have quite some big things on the main drive, including EWQLSO-Gold and Atmosphere, but it seems I'm having no alternative, right ?


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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    This is a tough one.

    Before re-installing your system, I'd recommend running GigaClean again, then search your system for anything related to Giga and remove it.

    First run Regedit and search the Registry for anything that says Giga, Tascam or Nemesys. If there are any entries that exist and point to files or folders, check to ensure that those files have been removed. Then remove the item in the Registry.

    Ideally, GigaClean would remove all that, but you never know.

    You should be able to leave your GIG, GSI and GSP files on your sample drive with no problems.

    After your system is 100% clean, reboot. Then re-install your audio drivers to make sure that everything is okay. You might also check that you're running the latest BIOS, motherboard drivers and video drivers.

    After all of this reboot and install Giga. Hopefully the installation will be clean this time.

    Other things that may help: try hyperthreading both on and off. Turn off the QuickSound file scanning. You might try these before you run GigaClean again.

    All the best...


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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    When I was having problems getting my system figured out, one of the things that gave me errors, and system freezes, was the fact that I had some files in the wrong folders...Double check all your folders, and also go to the hardware tab in the settings, and see if you have the right path's listed...Jim

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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    I think synthnut is on to something.

    Make sure that you're very careful about how you setup your GigaPulse impulses. In the setup it defaults to the first drive after your C: drive (typically D. That may or may not be where you want the files. But make sure that the path in the settings agrees with the actual path to the files.


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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    Hi Guys,
    thanks for your suggestions.
    In fact, I ensured to remove anything from my drive and registry that seemed to be related to GS. (I also did a search for all those .dlls that GigaClean seems not be able to remove) I did also ensure that GPulse is directed to the correct directory (by default, this is C:\Programs\Tascam\GPulse\Common), but I installed my impulses to C:\Tascam\GPulse\Common. So I made sure within the options that GS is searching in THIS directory and removed the default path - but no way - GS still poofs.... oh my...
    Hyperthreading is no problem, as my system does not offer it (build up in 2000...)
    The tip with installing common drivers (video/audio) again seems to be worth a try, so I will check this out tommorow.

    One thing to add:
    I used to run GS3 on a stable WinXP without any service packs. A few days ago I had the (really stupid) idea to update with SP1. The whole process crashed allready during the file control/driver update at the beginning, saying that atapi.dll is running or used by a program and needs to be closed.... I than canceled the SP1 installation and left it that way. I don't know, I which way this affected my system in a way that made GS become unstable....

    If anything fails, well I think the only way to have a stable GS again will be to install it on a clean, smooth system....

    Greetings and thanks very much,

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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...


    I'd defininitely try to complete the upgrade to SP1 before messing with Giga anymore. I would guess that you might now have a mix of newer and older system components in your system.

    SP1 is very clean, and should work well once everything is installed. I'm racking my brains to remember which API atapi is. I think it's for disc access. It may have been Giga's file scan that was running.

    You might try turning off every process that you can in the task manager before trying the SP1 update again. But definitely complete the SP1 update before moving forward.

    Good luck!


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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    Hi Theiss2003,

    Have you installed the 3.04 update patch after your new installation?

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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    I'm not sure what programs you have loaded into GS, but another problem that I had was that when installing the Vintaudio C7 program, Franky instructed in the install manual to install the impulses to the Tascam "BIN" folder....When I looked inside the Bin folder, nothing in there looked like what was in the C7 Impulse folder.....The contents looked like they belonged in the "common" folder .....When I put them in the common folder, my system froze and I got all kinds of error messages....Once I took them out of the common folder and put them in the Bin folder ( like the instructions said to begin with
    DUHHHHH ) all was well in Gigaland .....

    If you had a problem updating SP1, I would ahve to agree with Jon to giveTHAT a good look before ventureing anywhere else.....

    I'm not sure that the 3.04 update would cause these problems by having it or not, but it sure is a good idea to have the update anyway.....

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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    Hi Synthnut,

    I agree, but I just reinstalled last night, and I was having problems loading instruments.

    I then remembered that I should update. After I did, everything was a bit more stable.

    Regards, Linda

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    Re: GS3 constantly crashes after new installation...

    Hi folks,
    thanks again for all you help.
    Yes, I did amply the 3.04 update, so this should not be the problem. Later this day I will give SP1 one more try (now that Giga is deinstalled, it may work - hopefully.... ;-) )
    If it does not work - well - seems I will have to burn a couple of backup CD's again to keep the most needed files (mainly homepage-stuff and cubase projects)....

    Have a nice day,

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